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Disability - Learning disability

IDEAS is an independent information service for people with disabilities, carers, and service providers. They use a variety of online platforms and channels to service their clients including website, web chat, SMS and call centre.


After a recent change in their direction and business model, IDEAS needed to have the ability to scale up or down based on their changing needs and services.

They faced a range of challenges and required assistance with:

“We needed guidance to select a trustworthy, safe and secure solution, and so consulted with RODIN, who we have a long, trusted relationship with’ said Andrew Proctor, Business Manager, IDEAS.”


RODIN’s virtual CIO (vCIO) analysed IDEAS’ IT ecosystem, examined internal processes, policies and assisted with aligning with their new business model.  The vCIO then developed an IT strategy detailing changes and solutions to resolve the challenges they were facing, streamline processes and align with their new business model. 

IDEAS and RODIN agreed that moving their server to the cloud and utilising a cloud-based telephony system would allow their business to be mobile, adaptable, and more secure. RODIN planned and mapped out the transition to a Modern Workplace and RODIN Voice Solutions.

“RODIN took care of everything. And the cutover and move to the cloud solutions were completed outside of business hours with no disruption to our business and staff, which was great’ said Andrew Proctor, Business Manager, IDEAS.”


Here are some of the measurable results that IDEAS achieved from the implementation of the cloud server solution.

$120,000 saving resulting from the vCIO strategy and subsequent changes

50% saving in time for the web team to be utilised elsewhere

Ability to deal with a 300% increase in call volume per week

IDEAS have seen a saving in time, money, and resources across the business, allowing them to increase productivity and move resources around as needed. Their technology, processes and systems are more robust, secure and adaptable to their changing needs.

Their systems are integrated which allows information to seamlessly flow from their website to the CRM and to other parts of the business easily. This has increased their productivity, their ability to deal with more enquiries and allow clients access to resources quicker than before.

The move to the cloud-based telephony has removed the hardware dependency and has allowed IDEAS to answer landline calls from any device, anywhere. The solution also allows for access to real time data and analytics from incoming enquiries, which:

IDEAS experienced the true benefit of Modern Workplace and RODIN Voice solutions:

“We have a long term relationship with RODIN and they’re our go to trusted-advisor for our IT. They’re experienced and always deliver outstanding solutions and results for our business. They really understand our business and provide us with solutions that work for us.”

Andrew Proctor, Business Manager, IDEAS

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