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As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, it has become increasingly important for businesses everywhere to manage their IT projects efficiently.

That’s where RODIN comes in. Our team of experienced IT professionals are committed to completing your project on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

Whether you need assistance with project planning, resource allocation, risk management, or any other aspect of project management, we are here to help.

Maximising IT project success

Our project management team  are dedicated to achieving results, overseeing your strategic vision and implementation of your project.
We communicate with you throughout the process to coordinate and ensure successful technology transformation.


Our advanced tools and methodologies help your business establish clear project goals, timelines, and milestones enabling teams to work more efficiently, avoid duplication of effort, and better use resources.

Kick business

We work closely with your business to ensure that your projects drive business value and meet strategic goals, generating long-term success and stakeholder satisfaction.

Cohesive communication & collaboration

Our IT experts become your IT experts. We use advanced collaboration tools and platforms to facilitate communication,  and status updates, helping teams stay in sync.

Work smarter & faster

We help you accelerate project timelines, get products and services to market more quickly, and generate value for your business sooner. Our agile methodologies and data-driven approach enable you to work faster and smarter.

Reduced risk

Our change management practices and proven risk management strategies minimise the impact of unexpected events on project timelines and budgets. Our approach focuses on proactively addressing potential risks early on to ensure the success of your project.

Cost control

We use our expertise to help your business estimate project costs and track expenses more accurately, avoiding costly surprises and staying within budget. We also optimise your available resources to maximise project ROI.

Our IT Project Management Expertise

Our project management services cover a wide range of projects for improving your IT capabilities and achieving business objectives.
We deliver all the steps needed for a successful IT project with our product partnerships and technology expertise to ensure the best possible results.
Some of the projects we have successfully managed include:

Microsoft 365

Cloud projects

IT infrastructure transformation

Cyber security

Managed desktop
& IT infrastructure projects

Business mergers /

Case study: Project management for The Royce

The Royce Retirement Village is a high-rise aged care facility by the Tulich Group, located in Sydney. They wanted to upgrade their core service infrastructure, including Wi-Fi and networking equipment, a managed print solution, voice telephony, and Nurse Call IP phones integrated with Tulich’s Advance Care solution. 

We proposed the services of a technology/project manager to work alongside the Tulich Group’s project manager. The group also worked with a building consultant to manage the project. RODIN managed the technology that went into the building and negotiated and coordinated with builders and electricians to set up everything as needed. Our project manager handled all concerns beyond the scope, showing dedication to the outcome.

RODIN successfully installed cost-effective phones for this aged care facility. As a result, staff became empowered to care for residents effectively.

Giving RODIN the project management role allowed them to take control of the design and the outcomes. Their technical knowledge and their ownership of the project meant it flowed smoothly and made it much easier for us to work through.

Frequently Asked Questions

An external IT organisation leverages their expertise in planning, organising, and executing IT projects while also managing resources, risks, and stakeholders.

It improves project success rates, reduces costs, increases efficiency, and ensures the timely delivery of projects.

Look for experience, certifications, and customer testimonials. Ensure their expertise and services align with your project requirements.

Poor communication, scope creep, budget overruns, and unrealistic deadlines are all common challenges in IT projects. A project services provider overcomes these challenges with clear project scope, regular communication, agile project management, risk management, and change management. 

Costs vary based on project scope, complexity, business size, and project duration.

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