RODIN CIO as a Service

Our Chief Information Officers support your business in determining and achieving your strategic IT goals.
Our specialist Chief Information Officers (CIO) work with you to plan IT strategy for your organisation with a focus on reducing your business risks whilst improving your operational efficiency.

Have you noticed a disconnect between your business requirements and what IT delivers? The slightest misalignment can significantly impact your ability to service customers, negatively impact your bottom line, and keep your staff engaged and effective.

An external Chief Information Officer provides expertise to align your strategies in a more cost-effective solution instead of hiring and onboarding for an internal role.

At RODIN, our strategic thinkers are passionate about IT Strategy and Digital Transformation. We take the time to understand your organisation, goals, technical infrastructure and digital ambitions, providing tailored, strategic solutions to leverage technology throughout your business. Leveraging our vendor partnerships and industry knowledge, we ensure your business is kept abreast of the latest technological changes.

CIO as a Service Framework

RODIN’s dedicated and experienced team focuses on understanding your business’ priorities and planning for technology development, while driving efficiency ensuring the company is minimising risks.

Our CIO experts create a roadmap for embracing technology across your business to deliver measurable outcomes aligned with your business objectives. We take on the challenges of ensuring you have the best technology solutions for your business, that implementations and upgrades are well planned, and delivered with minimal impact on the day to day business operations.

Our Approach​

Our CIO Approach is adapted and built on the principle of our proven process.​

CIO meets stakeholders, defines objectives, examines technology, and identifies areas for improvement.
CIO creates a roadmap, resolves challenges, prioritises, and executes plans, maximising investment return.
Expert CIO team reviews architecture, identifies enhancements, and implements recommended strategies.
Measured Results
Proven process leads to efficiency, better technology use, introduces efficiencies, and measures success.
Continuous Improvement
Regular engagement with stakeholders; CIO offers ongoing advice; roadmap evolves with business.

Driving SMB Growth & Innovation: Winning with CIO as a Service

Explore RODIN’s CIOaaS, offering SMEs affordable, world-class IT leadership to promote innovation and growth. From handling recurring technical issues to driving sustainable growth, CIOaaS offers the strategic insights required to thrive. 

Inside this use case, you’ll find the following insights:

Download your copy today to learn how RODIN’s CIOaaS can help your business navigate the complexities of today’s digital market with confidence and success.

Our CIOs support your organisation’s strategic goals

Business Continuity

We provide advice on creating and maintaining your continuity plan, outlining the steps and processes to assist in the seamless execution of the restoration strategies.

Budget Planning

Our strategy is to meet your business goals and expectations, including budget. We provide full transparency, providing proven budget frameworks to assist your budget planning processes and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Technology Adoption

Maximising the technology investments you make requires changes within your business. Your CIO provides insights to ensure that new solutions are readily adopted and utilised effectively.

Lifecycle Management

Our expert CIOs leverage RODINs resources to manage the software and hardware solutions for your business, implementing these at the right time to meet your business’ strategic goals.

Training & Development

Your CIO can make recommendations on staff training requirements, tailoring learning to meet your staff’s technology maturity, ensuring better use of hardware and software.

Efficiency Process Improvement

Our strategy is to continually improve your business processes for greater efficiencies, using better techniques, software and automation strategies.

Technology & Strategy Alignment

Your CIO will align and manage the implementation of new technology ensuring this meets your business strategy requirements, allowing your strategy to become more agile, changing with the needs of the business.

Talk with us about your organisation’s technological strategies and requirements.

Knowing where to start and identifying what business and technological components need the most attention and budget allocation can be incredibly challenging. With this in mind, RODIN conducts fact-finding consultations to identify your maturity level and the gaps in your current cyber strategy.

Simply provide your details, and one of our cyber security experts will reach out for a consultation.

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