Risk Assessment Services

Unmask vulnerabilities before hackers do with our expert risk assessment services.


We understand the significance of safeguarding your sensitive data and systems in the evolving cyber threat landscape. Our cybersecurity professionals are committed to providing comprehensive risk assessment services to businesses across Australia.

Our team follows a rigorous and thorough approach that deeply examines your people, processes and technology to identify potential vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive reports prioritise risks, potential impacts, and tailored remediation strategies to help you mitigate threats and maintain robust defences.

RODIN’s Risk Assessment Services

1. Introduction​
2. Review SOW
3. Stakeholder Alignment
4. Assessment across 28 controls
- Cyber Maturity
- Discovery
- Information Gathering
- Evidence Collection
5. Develop report
6. Planning for next stage

Why choose RODIN’s Risk Assessment Services?


Our highly skilled cybersecurity professionals have extensive experience and knowledge in identifying and mitigating potential security risks.

Customised Solutions

We recognise that each business is unique, so we tailor our risk assessment services to address your company’s needs and requirements.

Detailed Reporting

We provide thorough and actionable reports that enable you to make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy.

Transparency through Partnerships

By engaging a third-party for cyber risk assessments, your business can gain an objective and independent view of your security posture. Our tailored assessments enable informed decision-making, provide transparency, and support your business growth with a collaborative approach.


Our risk assessment services will help your organisation meet regulatory and industry standards, such as NIIST CSF and ISO 27001. Our expert team will work with you to identify, assess, and manage your organisation’s cyber security risks using a structured and systematic approach. We offer specialised assessments such as the Essential Eight, DISP, Right fit for risk, PCI, and IRAP to ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with industry standards.


Our expert team delivers actionable recommendations tailored to your organisation’s unique risk profile. Our commitment to your project’s success goes beyond the initial assessment and implementation of the recommended roadmap – we provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that the risk mitigation controls are implemented effectively.

A robust risk assessment framework to fortify your defences

We deliver comprehensive assessments to reveal potential vulnerabilities and weak spots in applications and infrastructure.
Analysis & Reporting
You will receive comprehensive reports with prioritised risks, potential impacts, and tailored remediation strategies.
We continuously safeguard your systems with periodic risk assessments, ensuring long-term security and resilience.
Continual Review & Improvement
Our team offers ongoing support to ensure effective implementation of risk mitigation controls and ongoing alignment with your cyber security goals.
Don't leave your organisation's security to chance. Partner with RODIN for a comprehensive and customised penetration testing solution. Contact us today to discuss your cybersecurity requirements and schedule a consultation.