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Professional Services

Your IT goes beyond basic needs, and RODIN have the skills you’ve been looking for

Professional services companies need to have IT that is reliable and secure. This can be difficult to do on their own due to the time and expertise needed. Therefore, managed service providers like RODIN can provide your business with customisable IT services and solutions for whatever you may need.

RODIN use their expertise in IT and networking to offer a variety of services for professional services firms. Our dedicated team of industry professionals make sure you have the option of choosing from a menu of features, pricing plans, warranties, or anything else you may be looking for when it comes to managing your IT needs.

Non-profit Organisations

Industry-leading IT service and solutions in a non-profit world

RODIN is a company that provides IT solutions to non-profit organisations, and they are especially adept at solving the problems that these organisations often face. This is because they have spent so many years working on their various projects that they have developed a deep understanding of the specific needs and problems encountered in this field. Non-profits can leverage RODIN’s expertise in their own fields and save money in the process.

The company has been providing infrastructure, software, storage, networking and cloud computing solutions for charities and non-profits for many years now. They are a proven leader in helping these organisations become more sustainable by making it easier to manage digital assets.

Aged Care

Revolutionising Aged Care in ways that benefit everybody

RODIN is a company that is dedicated to providing the best quality IT products and services to aged care facilities around the country. They offer their clients a variety of solutions that will help them provide more efficient care to their patients, as well as more meaningful experiences for them.

As a team of passionate people who care about implementing technology and innovation into the healthcare industry, RODIN are currently working with aged care facilities in order to bring them up to date with modern technology and save time on tasks so staff can be more efficient at screening, diagnosing, and managing their patients.

RODIN: the only vendor that has a comprehensive solution for your IT needs – no matter what industry you’re in

RODIN is a leading IT company with a focus on making your business the best it can be with our no-nonsense services and solutions. We provide services to customers of all sizes and in every industry, delivering the same level of quality service to each client.

No matter what you need, where or when you need it, RODIN can sort things out.

Our specialist knowledge and broad industry experience ensures that the improvements we recommend are beneficial, and that every project is a success.