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RODIN is a leading Managed IT Services firm, renowned for elevating businesses with our specialised blend of technological expertise and deep client collaboration. Catering to a diverse client base, from industry leaders to innovative start-ups, we take pride in our strategic tech sector partnerships.

Our dedication to ‘reliability by design’ inspires us to develop tailored, forward-thinking solutions, perfectly aligned with the shifting needs of businesses. Our culture is built on a foundation of partnership, emphasising collaborative decision-making and nurturing our team’s growth in a dynamic on-site and remote work environment. In close collaboration with our clients, we align our strategies with their objectives, ensuring our services and solutions are not just effective for today’s challenges but are adaptable for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our History

Since 1993, RODIN has been pivotal in supporting Australian businesses with robust IT solutions and services that drive efficiency and security. Operating from Wollongong, we equip professionals with the tools and expertise needed to succeed in a technological environment, ensuring their businesses are well-prepared for both current demands and future challenges. Joining our team offers an opportunity to contribute to a legacy of technological excellence and to grow personally and professionally within an established, supportive company culture.

Why Choose RODIN

Become part of a legacy that has been pioneering in Managed IT Services for over three decades. Here, professionals are at the forefront of transforming Australian businesses with cutting-edge IT infrastructure, cloud integration, and cybersecurity solutions.

We provide an opportunity for impactful contributions and personal growth. Our environment nurtures your unique talents, enabling participation in innovative projects and leveraging our extensive industry experience for your professional development. At RODIN, we take pride in a culture that values both your career ambitions and personal aspirations. We also emphasise a strong commitment to our core values, as they guide our dedication to excellence and the personal development of our team.

What Our Team Says

Our Core Values


We’re about taking ownership and seeing it through to completion. No task is too big or too small.


It’s about being proud of your work and the work RODIN delivers as a team.


It’s the best policy. Both externally and internally, we believe in what we do because it’s the truth, no matter how tough the conversation is.


When we work as a team, not individuals, anything can be achieved. Escalate early to get the best result, fast.

What Sets RODIN Apart for Professionals:

Being a part of RODIN means being on the frontline, trusted to address challenges and deliver solutions. Every project we undertake highlights our meticulous attention to detail, allowing our professionals to refine their precision and expertise. Most importantly, RODIN’s operations are anchored in transparency, ensuring that every team member works in an environment that encourages clear, open communication and mutual respect.

Are you eager to advance your career where your expertise is valued and your professional growth is a priority? Harness your skills to drive innovation in IT infrastructure, cloud services, cybersecurity and more at RODIN. Apply now and embark on a career path where your development is nurtured and your impact is central to our shared success in the tech industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RODIN is a leading Managed IT services provider, assisting Australian businesses in their digital transformation journeys. From IT infrastructure management to cloud migration, we tackle complex technical challenges and help businesses achieve their goals.

At RODIN, our core values include being driven, taking pride in our work, upholding honesty in all interactions, and believing in teamwork. These values guide our professional approach and interactions, ensuring consistency and excellence in everything we do.

We prioritise “reliability by design,” tailoring solutions to specific business needs and adhering to industry best practices. Our solutions are designed with a long-term view, incorporating features we anticipate businesses will need over their lifecycle.
to all businesses as an optional paid add-on, regardless of size or industry.

At RODIN, professional growth is tailored to your career goals, supported by a Skills Development Roadmap unique to each employee. We offer extensive training opportunities, cover related costs, and even provide incentives like salary increases for completing specific training paths. Regular check-ins and a supportive leadership team also ensure you’re on track to meet your professional aspirations.

We pride ourselves on being a genuine business partner. This means we work in close collaboration with our clients, understanding their priorities, treating their businesses as our own, and being their first point of call, regardless of the issue or technology involved.

At RODIN, we maintain a continuous pulse on new technologies and industry trends. Our Circle of Life process ensures that IT strategies always align with current business priorities, keeping us and our clients one step ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.