Penetration Testing Services

Unmask vulnerabilities before hackers do with our expert penetration testing services.


At RODIN, we understand the critical importance of securing your valuable data and systems against ever-evolving cyber threats. Our experienced team of cybersecurity professionals are committed to helping businesses across Australia identify vulnerabilities and strengthen their security posture.

Our comprehensive penetration testing approach delves deep into your applications, infrastructure, and network to uncover potential weaknesses before malicious actors can exploit them. By simulating real-world attack scenarios, we provide invaluable insights into your organisation’s security readiness. Our detailed reports highlight prioritised risks, potential impacts, and tailored remediation strategies to help you mitigate threats and maintain a robust cybersecurity defence.

Rodin’s Penetration Testing Services

Web Applications

Secure CMS, e-commerce, and customer portals with our comprehensive testing to thwart common cyberattack vectors.

External Infrastructure

Fortify your external infrastructure perimeter through rigorous testing and security enhancements.

Remote Access

Safeguard remote workforces by ensuring secure access solutions, protecting against malicious actors.


Evaluate public cloud security posture, validating configurations, databases, APIs, and secure storage access.

Mobile Applications

Secure iOS and Android apps with a targeted mobile application penetration test.


Defend your wireless network with a thorough penetration test to prevent unauthorised access.

Physical Security

Simulate intrusions to assess physical controls and staff awareness, identifying risks and remediation opportunities.

Vulnerability Management

Mitigate risks through continuous vulnerability management, offering tailored tools and services to suit your needs.

Internal Infrastructure

Determine potential damage from internal threats and implement strategies to minimise future risks.

Why Choose RODIN for Penetration Testing

Our team of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals boast extensive experience and knowledge in identifying and mitigating potential security risks.
Customised Solutions
We recognise that each business is unique, so we tailor our penetration testing services to address your specific needs and requirements.
Our penetration testing services will help your organisation meet regulatory and industry standards, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR.
Detailed Reporting
We provide thorough and actionable reports that enable you to make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy.

A Robust Pentesting Framework to fortify Your Defences


Uncover vulnerabilities and weak spots in your applications and infrastructure through in-depth investigation.

Analysis & Reporting

Receive comprehensive reports featuring prioritised risks, potential impacts, and tailored remediation strategies.


Simulate real-world attacks by exploiting system vulnerabilities to demonstrate potential compromise.


Continuously safeguard your systems with periodic penetration tests, ensuring long-term security and resilience.

Don't leave your organisation's security to chance. Partner with RODIN for a comprehensive and customised penetration testing solution. Contact us today to discuss your cybersecurity requirements and schedule a consultation.