Managed IT Services

Trust the experts to manage your IT so you can focus on your business.

Why choose RODIN's Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services empower your organisation by increasing performance, cost savings, productivity and reducing cyber risk. Our experts provide the innovative solutions you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. We do more than simply deploy the right technology; we aim to deliver tangible outcomes for your business.

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Consistent with core values

Our core values guide the delivery of our managed services. We take ownership of the services we provide for you and feel proud of our work. Our team strives to be honest and upfront with you about what your business needs and the progress we make. We work as a team and with all involved parties, including vendors, to achieve outstanding results.

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Security and stability

Our experts improve cybersecurity to protect your valuable data. We store applications and files on cloud-based storage, which is more secure than physical on-premise servers. We can reduce the downtime of your systems and operations so that you can serve customers and run your organisation with minimal interruption.

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Outsource IT work

Our CIO and project management services provide a confident leader to modernise your organisation. Our managers and IT professionals can save you valuable time so that you can direct your attention to other business functions. Skip the time-consuming processes of recruiting IT staff and solve problems sooner.

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Optimise and integrate

We introduce tools to automate repetitive tasks and optimise your organisation to better solve problems. We can unite your systems and eliminate data silos, so leaders can use the information to make informed decisions. You can pivot your business direction, improve customer experiences and more effectively manage resources.

With RODIN’s Managed Services, you can expect:

We offer managed support and co-managed IT services to help businesses optimise their operations. Our experienced team has worked with Microsoft and Sophos, providing clients with secure software solutions. We prioritise backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity to protect your workloads and keep your business running smoothly. With our services, you can be assured that your IT infrastructure is in good hands. 

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Managed IT Support

Our team is happy to help with all aspects of IT solutions. We identify issues, provide technical support, update systems, and help you adapt to changing business needs.

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Co-Managed IT

Our specialists work with your current internal IT staff and other departments. You can maintain the continuity of involving your staff and leverage our services when required.

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Public Cloud

We can help you choose and migrate to a leading cloud platform, such as Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure, to meet your scalability, storage and networking needs.

Microsoft 365

We guide you in deploying and optimising Microsoft 365. Our experts ensure you have the right subscription and train your team so they can get the most from it.

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Managed Vendor of Microsoft and Managed Cloud on Azure

We provide consulting, advice and implementation of Microsoft products – including Microsoft 365 for Software as a Service. Microsoft Azure includes virtual machines, an app service, containers and a dedicated host. Our Microsoft 365 Administrators monitor and maintain service for 100% uptime and 24/7 support.

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Managed Vendor of

We are a Sophos Platinum Partner. With Sophos Connect, we can manage a VPN client to install on Windows and Mac. It will connect to networks behind a secure XG Firewall from a remote location. We also monitor Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR) to search, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.

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Managed Workload, Managed WAN & Managed Telephony
(Backup, BC, DR)

We back up your system and data so you don’t lose valuable information. Our team manages business continuity strategies and maintenance. We provide technology-based solutions for you to achieve disaster recovery. With workload management, you can plan, schedule and backup work for your organisation.

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We implement patch management, updates, reporting and secure remote access to systems. We provide secure ongoing monitoring, prompt responses and unlimited support. Our managed security services follow the Australian Government’s Essential Eight, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and ISO 27001.

The Royce is a multi-level retirement living and aged care facility. The organisation required cost-effective reliable internet-based phones for the building they manage so all staff could communicate with each other and care for residents.

We managed a project to set up this technology. Our specialist liaised with relevant vendors and managers of The Royce to ensure all details were implemented.

This phone system easily connects nurses with patients, residents and fellow staff. Such connectivity improves the lives of retirees and aged care residents at The Royce. The solution could become replicated in future facilities for organisational growth.

They are very accommodating, even when something is outside their scope. They help wherever they can to ensure our systems are up and running the way we want. RODIN made it their role to resolve problems for us, even with our third-party suppliers.
Amanda Walker
Executive Assistant to the Director of Tulich Family Communities and Tulich Group (The Royce)


Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT services can include vendors, security, cloud computing and strategic management. It can also include a helpdesk, technical support, system administration, monitoring, patch management and updates.

You should bring in a managed IT services provider after a data breach, during an outage, when optimising your tech resources, scaling your organisation or for a fresh perspective.

The cost of managed services may be based on your budget and customised solutions. Costs also depend on the complexity of requirements and industry compliance regulations. You could reduce costs if you already have internal staff who can perform some of the needed tasks or if you choose partial instead of fully managed services.

Outsourcing IT work can involve temporary projects and tasks. Managed services are ongoing.

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