Secured Managed IT Services

Building Strong Foundations for Secure and Efficient Operations.

Integrated Strategy and Security: The Core of RODIN's Managed IT Services

Modern businesses need more than just support, RODIN redefines Managed IT Services by embedding cyber security and strategic enablement into the fabric of our services. We believe in a partnership that transcends traditional IT support, aligning technology with your business objectives for tangible growth and operational excellence. Our bespoke IT service is crafted to meet the unique demands of your organisation, providing rapid, reliable support when you need it most. With RODIN, you gain a strategic service provider committed to propelling your business into its next phase of success.

IT Management and Security

Tailored Cyber Services for Business

Mitigate cyber security risks with proactive cyber risk management strategies. Our managed service is designed to ensure optimal cyber risk management, incorporating the Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential Eight, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing your cyber resilience.

Strategic Alignment and Enablement

Driving Business Success with Aligned IT Strategies

Drive your business forward by aligning IT with your strategic goals. Our services go beyond day-to-day support, providing tailored insights that enable efficient operations and a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Managed IT Services

Operational Excellence Through Expert Management

Our experienced team provides continuous monitoring, timely updates, and proactive maintenance, ensuring that your IT infrastructure supports your business objectives without interruption. From network management and data backup solutions to helpdesk support and vendor management, every aspect of our service provides secure peace of mind.

Key Benefits of our Secured Managed IT Services

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Navigate your IT journey with strategic planning and best practice alignment, setting the foundation for business success and innovation.

Dedicated Technology Team

Access a dedicated IT team offering expert, security-focused guidance and 24/7 support to drive your business growth and operational efficiency.

Human Risk Management

Enhance your security posture with a focus on human risk management, empowering your team with the knowledge and tools to prevent digital threats.

Device Risk Management

Secure your network’s endpoints with comprehensive device risk management, ensuring compliance and protection against cyber threats.

Information and Infrastructure Protection

Safeguard your critical data and infrastructure with resilient protection measures, including advanced backup and proactive threat response.

Cyber Security Advice & Compliance

Leverage expert cyber security advice and compliance strategies tailored to mitigate risks and align with industry best practices and regulations.

Ongoing Reporting and Management

Stay informed with ongoing reporting and proactive management, providing clear insights into your IT environment and strategic guidance for continual improvement.

Security Standards & E8 Compliance

Ensuring alignment with best practice frameworks and the Essential Eight to enhance your overall security and compliance posture.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Secured Managed IT Services are designed for businesses seeking to enhance their cyber security posture and integrate advanced security measures into their IT management. If you’re looking to protect your operations and data against current and emerging threats while aligning technology with your business objectives, our services are likely a good fit for you.

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to complement your existing IT team. We offer co-managed or security-only Managed IT Services to strengthen your cyber security defences without duplicating your in-house efforts. This approach ensures a seamless integration of advanced security solutions with your existing IT infrastructure.

We can assist you with a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats to your IT infrastructure. This evaluation helps determine the level of security measures required to safeguard your business and serves as a foundation for customising our Secured Managed IT Services to meet your specific needs.

Getting started is simple. We begin with a discovery session to understand your business, its technology landscape, and specific challenges. From there, we conduct a detailed assessment and work with you to develop a tailored plan that aligns with your objectives and provides a clear roadmap for enhancing your cyber security and IT management.

Through our services, you receive continuous support and strategic security guidance from our team of experts. We offer 24/7 monitoring, regular strategic reviews, and proactive management to ensure your IT infrastructure remains secure and aligned with your business goals. Our focus is on providing you with the insights and support needed to navigate the evolving cyber security landscape confidently.

Discover the difference a dedicated, strategic IT partner can make to your business. Contact RODIN for a complimentary consultation and learn how our Secured Managed IT Services support your business.