Top 5 ways CIO as a Service can benefit your organisation

Does your business have a strategic IT roadmap for the coming year?

In recent years, many organisations have rapidly adopted new technology in response to lockdowns and working from home. We either used the tech we already had or grabbed the option that worked at the time. However, without an overarching technology strategy, your business may not be using technology to its full potential, or there may be a misalignment between technology and business priorities.

It is high time that we step back and look at things through a different lens. More SMBs are responding to these issues with CIOaaS-developed strategies incorporating business efficiency, innovation, growth and cyber security.

CIO as a Service can help you get the most from technology investments and ensure they align with your business strategy. A senior IT professional works with your business to provide technology strategies and guidance. They are responsible for the overall technology vision and objectives, overseeing infrastructure, and developing long-term plans to ensure systems remain updated with changing needs.

Design your digital transformation strategy

CIO as a Service provides a senior IT leader who utilises their expertise to design, refine and implement your digital transformation strategy. They will define a roadmap for digital transformation that meets the business’ strategic goals, considering budgeting, technology preferences and other factors. This alignment ensures that each initiative within the digital transformation plan contributes towards reaching those desired outcomes and supports the company’s growth.

They will advise on the technology needed to gain the desired results, be it new systems or better use of existing investments and will avoid the costly risks of implementing technology that is not fit for purpose.

Part of successful digital transformation is about adjusting the culture in your organisation to foster innovation. The CIO will develop strategies for involving your team in digital transformation and ensuring everyone understands their roles.

Professional management and oversight of new digital initiatives

The CIO will monitor the progress of your digital transformation and action improvements where necessary. 

They will analyse the performance of new solutions, ensure that vendors have adequately delivered on their promises and make recommendations for needed changes. The CIO will analyse this data to gauge the success of the transformation and whether they need to make changes. With the help of a CIO, you can maximise your investments in digital technologies while minimising risks associated with implementation. 

Furthermore, they are responsible for tracking and monitoring the project’s progress to ensure that the team meets their goals on time. They will discuss progress with the senior leadership team and plan to fill any gaps they notice in implementation. 

Boost cyber security and risk management initiatives

A CIO as a Service can provide expert guidance on protecting information assets and developing long-term strategies for mitigating risk. With the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, having a knowledgeable and experienced CIO to provide advice and guidance is essential for staying ahead. 

A CIO will develop a comprehensive security plan that analyses potential threats, defines appropriate policies and procedures, and offers recommendations to best protect against them. They can also assess vulnerabilities in existing systems and processes, as well as provide advice on the implementation of new security measures.

They will also identify risk areas within an organisation’s operations and how best to mitigate them. The CIO is responsible for assessing threats from outside sources, such as malicious actors or cyber criminals, and those from within the organisation. They can also guide you on the most effective ways to protect against these risks. 

Finally, a CIO can help businesses remain up-to-date on emerging security trends and technologies. By understanding the latest trends and threats, they can better advise organisations on how to keep ahead of them and remain secure in an ever-evolving digital world.

Relationships with technology vendors

You have a lot of vendors to choose from when selecting the right technology for your business. A CIO as a Service engages directly with vendors on behalf of their clients to ensure vendor technology solutions fit business needs. For example, if you need software that conducts a particular function in your business, the CIO will research the available solutions and check the vendors to provide unbiased recommendations suited to your business needs.

They will ensure that the solution fits your existing IT infrastructure and business strategy. It is also the CIO’s job to hold vendors accountable to ensure they deliver on their commitments to you.

CIO as a Service is an invaluable asset to any business looking to stay competitive in today’s digital age. With experience across the technology vendor landscape, CIOaaS can effectively research and recommend the solution components that best fit your business needs. By relying on a CIO as a Service, you can rest assured that you have access to the latest tools, resources, and support needed to be successful in the ever-changing world of technology. 

Guides your team on user adoption and training

CIO as a Service will help you realise the complete potential of your technology investments by showing you how to make the most of your existing resources and get more from new investments.

After deploying new technology, the CIO will drive user adoption by providing guidance on using the new tech and best practices for getting the most from it. They will identify and overcome any potential hurdles that could prevent successful adoption, provide education and training for users, and monitor new technology initiatives to ensure their success. 

By spearheading these initiatives, the CIO can significantly improve user adoption and ensure that new technology is implemented in an efficient and effective manner.

RODIN’s CIO as a Service can guide your digital transformation

Managing, developing and implementing a strategy for your digital transformation can be a daunting task. You need to know if you are picking the right technology, stay abreast of changes in the industry, and ensure that your users get the most from the technology.

So, you need an experienced executive with the expertise to implement digital transformation that supports business growth. RODIN’s CIO as a Service ensures you have the best technology solutions and the right implementations and upgrades with minimal impact on your daily business operations. Visit our CIO as a Service page for more information.

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