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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Microsoft Gold Certification demonstrates “best-in-class capability within a Microsoft solution area,” according to Microsoft’s own documentation.  Annual Microsoft Gold Certification requirements include passing various exams (and maintaining currency of those exams), and annually increasing our client base and supporting their expanding usage of Microsoft products.  

We worked very hard over the last few years to achieve this status, and we are very proud of our team.  Our focus on personal growth and learning, whilst keeping our clients at the centre of it all, was rewarded when we were awarded our certification in September 2020.  

Read our announcement about the certification. 

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Our Microsoft Services

Microsoft Consulting – Expert Microsoft Advice

Windows 10, Virtual Desktop, SharePoint, Office 365 (now called Microsoft 365), Security, Defender, Sentinel, Power BI, Power Automate, Azure, and so much more – there is so much that Microsoft can deliver for your business.  Our expert Microsoft consultants can demystify which products and solutions can solve your particular needs, and we can make your IT work for you, rather than you working on your IT. 

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Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365 – Business Productivity Suite

Microsoft 365 is arguably the most used software as a service (SaaS) product in the world.  We use it every day and most of us probably take it for granted.  But when it doesn’t work?  Everything comes to a stand-still.   

Our Microsoft 365 Administrators ensure that your cloud productivity suite is monitored and maintained to deliver 100% uptime, and swift resolution of IT issues with our 24-7 support. 

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Microsoft Teams – Collaboration Platform

Microsoft Teams daily active users went from 13M daily active users in July 2019 to 145M daily active users in April 2021. As the world moved to remote working to adhere to various restrictions and social distancing requirements from March 2020 when COVID-19 took us all by surprise, usage of the platform grew at never-seen-before rates.  Once the dust of that initial wave settled, and people began to go back to work, many organisations realised that hybrid or flexible working, enabled by Microsoft’s unified communications and collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, would deliver results far beyond savings on time, petrol, and commercial leasing.

We can help you with your Microsoft Teams environment: from deployment and devices to voice and video, to security and governance – let’s make MS Teams an asset to your organisation, not “just another app.”

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Microsoft Azure – Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing solution that includes storage, compute, analytics, security and more.  A powerful solution that scales as your business grows; it needs end-to-end management to take full advantage of all it has to offer. 

Working with a Gold Certified Partner will enable your organisation to safely and effectively scale your use of Azure in a controlled and effective way. 

Demystify Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing with RODIN IT. 

Custom Microsoft Solutions for Any Organisation

Microsoft Gold Partners are certified because they have knowledge (proven by exams) and experience (proven by happy customers) delivering the best fit-for-purpose solutions for Australian organisations that need help with their Microsoft IT services. Our expert team can assess your existing IT and digital estate to see if you have any gaps in your usage and how you can get fuller use of the investment you make in Microsoft products.

Need some help with your digital transformation roadmap? Let’s talk about designing a Microsoft journey that fits your business

Are you getting the most out of your Microsoft 365 licence fees?

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Our specialist knowledge and broad industry experience ensures that the improvements we recommend are beneficial, and that every project is a success.