Secured Managed IT Services

Protection, Precision, Performance.

At RODIN, security isn’t just a priority; it’s ingrained in every facet of our service. Adopting a security-first approach, our Secured Managed IT Services not only meet your operational needs but elevate them with uncompromising security measures. These meticulously crafted solutions ensure that your team can remain laser-focused on core business drivers, leaving IT complexities and challenges in our capable hands. Beyond mere management, we embed strategic enablement into our services, ensuring that your organisation harnesses the full power of IT.

With over a quarter-century of experience, we’re not just another Managed IT Services Provider. We’re your dedicated technology partner, ensuring your business thrives in this digital age, armed with tailored solutions for your unique needs.

82% of ransomware attacks target SMBs

Maryland University, 2023.

8 Pillars of Our Secured Managed Service Offering

Strategic Planning and Best Practice Alignment

Embark on a transformative IT partnership that seamlessly integrates expertise, strategy, and proactive support, unleashing your business’s full potential.

Enter into a partnership where familiarity breeds success. Our approach goes beyond traditional IT support as we assign a dedicated technology strategist as your client success manager who specialises not only in technology, but also in understanding the intricacies of your business. They immerse themselves in the unique challenges, opportunities, and culture of your company to offer bespoke support services. This model of personalised support ensures that each solution we provide is developed with a deep and intimate understanding of your specific business needs. Your strategist serves as a proactive resource who focuses on planning for your future IT requirements, keeping you informed, and guiding your technology journey. This strategic partnership is designed to align our IT expertise closely with your business goals, ensuring that our support ensures your success.
Benefit from the personalised attention of a dedicated Client Success Manager, who also acts as your Technology Strategist and your single point of contact (POC). This ensures a streamlined communication channel for swift and effective decision-making. Your strategist excels not only in cutting-edge technology but is also deeply familiar with your business’ technology landscape, ensuring that every piece of advice is tailored to your unique situation. In addition to ongoing support, your Client Success Manager will regularly convene Strategic Business Reviews. These meetings are essential for aligning technology strategies with your business objectives, providing an opportunity for comprehensive review and forward planning. This unified point of engagement ensures consistency and a deep understanding of your needs, translating to accelerated growth and faster outcomes for your business.

Embrace technology solutions that serve as an anchor to unlocking productivity growth within your business. We don’t just offer technology; we deliver tailor-made tools that fit into your operational processes, enhancing efficiency and enabling your team to accomplish more. These solutions are designed after a detailed study of your processes and workflows to serve as a catalyst for productivity. 

We provide proactive strategic recommendations to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your IT resources. Through an in-depth analysis of your existing technology infrastructure, we identify key opportunities to cut costs, maintain performance and security, and lay the groundwork for long-term financial sustainability. By implementing these recommendations, you can expect financially sound IT operations that increase efficiency, reduce overheads, and improve the bottom line.

Our seasoned consultants work closely with your team to provide insights and recommendations that are technologically sound and strategically aligned with your objectives. We offer a holistic approach that examines your current IT infrastructure, understands your business goals, and identifies areas where technology can drive growth and efficiency. We provide advice on IT investments, digital transformation strategies, and emerging technologies.

We help you prepare for change and growth by ensuring your IT infrastructure keeps pace and drives your business forward. We work closely with you to understand your company’s long-term goals and technology’s role in achieving them. Our experts create a detailed roadmap that outlines the necessary steps and timelines for technology adoption and upgrades. 

Our team stays informed on the latest technology trends and innovations to ensure your roadmap looks forward and positions your company for future success. By anticipating changes and planning accordingly, we help you avoid obsolescence and ensure your IT infrastructure is a strong foundation for growth and innovation.

Our experts ensure your technology practices align with the highest industry standards. We evaluate your current IT environment and compare it against established benchmarks in security, data management and operational efficiency. We then pinpoint areas for improvement so your business can meet and surpass these benchmarks. Modern MSPs, like ours, offer more than just reactive support; we provide proactive advice, insights and a strategic approach integral to your business’s continual improvement.

By adhering to these industry best practices, your business can mitigate risks, streamline processes and maintain a competitive edge. This service is beyond troubleshooting, defining a commitment to a culture of continuous improvement to keep your IT operations agile and ready to adapt. As your strategic partner, we ensure that you’re not just responding to today’s challenges but are also prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our process involves a thorough analysis of your current and future IT needs, accounting for operational expenses, potential upgrades, and strategic investments. We collaborate with your team to develop a detailed and transparent budget that strategically allocates resources to maximise the quality of your investments. 

This budget is not just a financial plan but a roadmap guiding your IT spending towards achieving overarching business objectives. Our comprehensive report serves as a valuable tool for informed decision-making, with insights and justifications for each budget item that supports clarity and accountability in financial planning.

Our training programs empower your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use the tools available to them. We tailor the content to be not only relevant but also directly applicable to your daily operations, focusing on enabling your team to effectively leverage various functionalities of systems like Microsoft 365 and other integral tools.

The scope of our programs extends across a wide range of topics, encompassing essential IT concepts and practical applications of your specific systems. Delivered in a format that emphasises engagement and interactivity, these programs are aimed at enhancing your team’s proficiency and confidence in using technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

Receive specialised, security-focused recommendations to solidify the integrity of your IT. Our approach emphasises proactivity. We conduct thorough assessments to identify vulnerabilities and provide tailored solutions to mitigate cyber risks. Our recommendations adhere to industry best practice frameworks to ensure you stay ahead of any emerging threats and new vulnerabilities. 

We recognise the importance of building a close and meaningful relationship with our clients, which is why our leadership team makes it a point to engage with you, on a consistent basis. These interactions are a crucial aspect of our boutique MSP approach, emphasising that you are not just a client but a valued partner. During these sessions, we focus on aligning our IT services with your business goals, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique needs. This approach allows us to be responsive to your current requirements while also preparing for future challenges and opportunities

We offer guidance, discuss future IT strategies, and provide updates on the latest technology trends. As a result, you gain a partnership that understands and anticipates your needs and is committed to driving your success through effective and innovative IT solutions.

We focus on maximising the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of your technology infrastructure. By conducting regular monitoring of asset performance and lifecycle, our team ensures your IT assets including both hardware and software, are always current and operating at their best. This approach goes beyond maintaining optimal function, but also aims to minimise unplanned costs and avoid performance bottlenecks.

We proactively manage and plan the lifecycle of your equipment, including systematic upgrades and replacements, to keep your technology ahead of potential issues. Additionally, we provide comprehensive asset reporting, giving you a clear overview of your IT infrastructure’s status and needs. This enables informed decision-making about future technology investments and upgrades.

Our service provides you with a dedicated Chief Information Officer (CIO) to offer expert leadership tailored to navigate your unique challenges and align your technology strategy with your overarching business goals. This dedicated CIO ensures that your IT initiatives are not just reactive but proactive, preparing your organisation for future trends and enhancing operational efficiency.

Quarterly planning sessions complement this strategic partnership, focusing on the continuous assessment and refinement of your IT roadmap. In these sessions, we delve into the specifics of how technology can drive your business forward, identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement. This structured approach ensures your IT strategy remains agile, responsive to the evolving tech landscape, and tightly integrated with your business objectives, optimising IT investments for sustained growth and success.

*Included in Secured Managed Services – Strategic Service

Our experts align every IT initiative with your business objectives. We start by understanding your business vision, goals, and unique challenges. This knowledge allows us to build a technology strategy that uses suitable tools to foster growth, improve operational efficiency, and secure a competitive edge.

This plan is a blueprint for your technology journey, aligning every decision and investment with your business aspirations. To ensure its ongoing relevance and effectiveness, we regularly review and refine this strategy through Strategic Business Review Meetings. The goal is to ensure that your technology infrastructure not only supports your current operations but also propels your business towards future success and innovation.

*Included in Secured Managed Services – Strategic Service

Your Dedicated Technology Team

Elevate your business’ IT capabilities with a dedicated team that understands your unique needs, offers expert security-driven guidance and delivers round-the-clock monitoring and support for uninterrupted operations and growth.

Experience the convenience and assurance of unrestricted access to our system administration services. We include comprehensive management and maintenance of IT systems to ensure they operate at peak efficiency around the clock. We handle everything from routine updates and security patches to complex network configurations and performance optimisations. We do more than maintain IT; we adapt it to your evolving needs.

Access unrestricted IT support when you need it most to address all your technical needs. With unlimited technical support, you have the freedom to seek assistance for any IT-related issue, big or small, whether it requires remote troubleshooting or onsite intervention, without worrying about exceeding service limits or incurring additional costs.

This comprehensive service is designed to offer peace of mind and operational efficiency, providing both remote and onsite support to ensure comprehensive coverage. This allows your team to focus on core business activities, secure in the knowledge that reliable, on-demand IT support is available to adapt to your evolving requirements, no matter where the assistance is needed.

Easy and flexible communication is crucial when it comes to IT support. That’s why we offer a variety of channels for you to get in touch with our team, ensuring that you can reach out in the way that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer the immediacy of a phone call, the convenience of an email, or the structured approach of using our support portal, we have you covered. Additionally, our support is seamlessly accessible directly through the Microsoft Teams app, thanks to our integrated widget that sits within your Teams environment.

This diverse range of communication options is designed to make your experience in contacting us as seamless and efficient as possible. Our goal is to ensure that you can quickly and easily connect with our support team, so you can get the assistance you need without delay.

Our dedicated support service guarantees specific response and resolution times for critical IT issues, ensuring minimal downtime and smooth business operations. Here’s an overview of our commitment to reliability and efficiency:

Priority Response Time Target Resolution Time Examples
15 Minutes
1 Hour
  • Your Main Server or Internet is offline and all users are unable to work (Site wide outage).
  • One of your network switches has failed stopping halff(or more) of the company from working.
  • Your Phone system is offline.
30 Minutes
2 Hours
  • A VIP user's computer has stopped working.
  • A main line of business application has stopped working.
  • Computer Is down or the user can't work.
1 Hour
4 Hours
  • Office & Desktop application issue
  • Printing Issues
  • Issues connecting to WiFi
2 Hours
8 Hours
  • Change Requests
  • User Onboarding/Offboarding
  • How To

Through regular and transparent discussions with your key stakeholders, we provide a bespoke outcome to deliver relevant strategic IT planning, problem-solving, or exploring new technology as required. We aim to improve the effectiveness of your current infrastructure and ensure that IT initiatives align with your business objectives.

We rigorously maintain best practices and robust security measures in our internal operations, setting the standard for the services we deliver to clients. Our approach includes comprehensive data management, strong network security, thorough employee training, and strict compliance with industry regulations, including our ISO27001 accreditation.

The significance of adhering to these best practices as an MSP is critical. In managing our clients’ IT infrastructure, our internal security measures play a vital role in safeguarding their operations. This commitment to excellence in our own systems and processes ensures the utmost security and efficiency of the services we provide, reflecting our role as a trusted and reliable partner in IT management.

We place paramount importance on meticulously documenting our clients’ IT systems and configurations. Regularly updating this documentation ensures that we have an accurate and up-to-date understanding of the environment. Additionally, we adhere to stringent security practices when it comes to credentials management. Secure storage, rotation, and access controls are our top priorities. By maintaining comprehensive records and safeguarding access, we ensure the integrity and security of our clients’ systems

Experience the reliability of our 24/7 monitoring service, focused on keeping your systems running without interruption. Our monitoring systems are constantly tracking the performance of your systems, identifying issues or signs of potential malfunctions before they impact your business. This proactive approach means our team is always on the lookout and ready to respond quickly, ensuring that any issues are addressed with minimal impact on your operations.

Benefit from the assurance and convenience of access to expert IT support during out-of-business hours for critical issues. This targeted support framework is specifically designed for emergency situations where immediate assistance is required.

This service is not only for handling major IT emergencies like complete network outages, but also for seemingly smaller yet crucial issues such as a user being unable to log in — situations that can significantly disrupt business operations. We ensure rapid and effective responses for these critical incidents, recognising that even issues that might seem minor can be urgent and impactful. It is an essential resource for businesses where immediate resolution of any significant IT system failure is crucial. Our team of IT professionals is prepared to address these emergencies promptly, offering peace of mind that emergency support is available outside standard business hours to keep your operations stable and secure in times of urgent need.

We provide advanced backup solutions tailored to your data needs and business operations, ensuring regular and secure backups of crucial files and databases. More than just creating backups, we focus on their management and monitoring, whether stored on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup.

Crucially, it’s the continuous management and vigilant monitoring of these backups that sets our service apart. Our team proactively ensures that each backup is effective and reliable, constantly aligning our recovery strategies with industry best practices. This approach not only safeguards your data but also provides the assurance that we are fully responsible for the seamless operation of your backup systems.

Keeping track of software licences is not only challenging but also essential for compliance and financial management. We help you manage software licences, including those from Microsoft and other vendors, to alleviate the hassle and ensure compliance. Our solution manages your software inventory, verifies that licences are obtained legally, and takes care of renewals and procurement.

In managing your Microsoft 365 and other software subscriptions, we focus on ensuring you have the most economical licences that fit your needs. This involves actively reviewing your subscriptions to prevent overpaying for unused licences or unnecessary bundles. Our comprehensive approach to licence management means you don’t have to worry about compliance, renewals, or optimising your software expenditure.

Our proactive support service involves regular maintenance, updates, and consistent monitoring to provide optimal performance and stability for your IT infrastructure. Our experts handle various tasks to effectively support server and storage management, network optimisation, and cloud integration. Additionally, we provide valuable guidance on potential upgrades and new technology deployments, ensuring your IT environment is well-equipped to meet the growing demands of your business.

Enjoy the benefits of advanced network monitoring and automated recovery solutions for consistent performance and resilience. We use sophisticated monitoring tools to provide real-time insights into your network’s health, performance, and security. Proactive monitoring means we detect potential issues early, from minor anomalies to significant threats. In the event of network disruptions or failures, our automated recovery systems quickly restore functionality and reduce any impacts on business operations. We also seek to understand and address the root causes to prevent future occurrences.

Experience the efficiency of our rapid response team, specifically designed to expedite support for simpler, time-sensitive IT requests. This dedicated group of experts is focused on delivering quick resolutions for tasks that can be completed promptly, thereby enhancing overall response times for our customers.

The primary aim of our team is to offer faster support for straightforward issues, allowing our senior engineers to concentrate on more complex tickets. The types of requests handled by this team typically include smaller, quick to resolve tasks such as password and MFA resets, group modifications, ‘How do I?’ questions supported by our knowledgebase, immediate single software installations, and other general IT questions and concerns. This streamlined approach ensures that even the most basic queries are addressed swiftly and effectively, providing you with quicker resolutions and contributing to a more efficient IT support experience.

Empower your team with an extensive resource of information and solutions through a comprehensive knowledgebase. This valuable repository contains an array of articles, how-to guides, troubleshooting instructions, and best practices to provide quick and easy access to a wealth of IT knowledge and solutions.

This resource is ideal for addressing common questions and issues, enabling your team to find solutions independently, without waiting for external support. It’s constantly updated and expanded, ensuring that the information remains relevant and covers a broad spectrum of topics. By utilising this knowledgebase, your team can enhance their self-sufficiency, improve problem-solving skills, and reduce downtime, further contributing to overall productivity and efficiency.

Our 24×7 unlimited helpdesk support goes beyond emergency assistance, providing round-the-clock support for any IT issue you may face. This continuous availability ensures that you have access to expert help whenever needed, keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted at all times.

*Additional costs apply or included in Secured Managed Services – Strategic Service

Human Risk Management

Enhance your security approach with a focus on human risk management that bolsters digital protection across your organisation.

Reinforce the security of your network’s endpoints with our compliance and configuration service. We manage and maintain all endpoint devices, including laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, to align with industry best practices and compliance standards. For desktops, this includes monitoring antivirus status, update compliance, tamper protection, and overall health. In the case of mobile devices, we integrate aspects of Mobile Application Management (MAM) for enhanced security and management.

Regular audits and updates are a cornerstone of this process, ensuring these devices not only remain secure but also function effectively. With our service, you gain the assurance that every endpoint in your network is thoroughly monitored and maintained, meeting the highest standards of security and operational efficiency.

Our proactive approach to cybersecurity keeps you ahead of potential risks by alerting you in real-time to significant breaches and critical vulnerabilities that may impact your systems. This may include widespread issues found in Windows, Microsoft 365, or other commonly used applications. These alerts ensure you’re promptly informed about potential threats and the corrective actions or mitigations we’re undertaking.

In addition, we provide comprehensive monthly reports, which include a security letter with information on emerging threats and helpful tips. This combination of immediate alerts and detailed monthly summaries offers a broad overview of the evolving threat landscape, allowing for strategic planning and long-term security enhancements. With this knowledge, you can take timely measures to protect your systems and data, ensuring your organisation’s security strategy is always informed and up to date.

Our training programs educate your staff on best practices to prevent cyber threats, including phishing, malware, and social engineering attacks. With up to 88% of data breaches are caused by human error, our programs cover critical topics such as safe internet practices, email security, password management, and data protection. The training includes interactive elements and real-world scenarios to ensure staff apply what they have learned in their daily activities.

By raising awareness and understanding of cybersecurity among your employees, you build the first line of defence against potential cyber attacks and reduce risks to your organisation. We include regular updates and refreshers in the program to keep your team informed about the latest threats and prevention techniques.

We manage Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) as a key component of your security strategy, particularly within your Microsoft 365 environment. Our approach ensures the effective implementation of MFA, a crucial control that significantly enhances the security of your systems. By integrating advanced features from Azure, such as ‘impossible travel’ detection and sign-in risk policies, we bolster this protection further. These measures actively monitor for unusual user activities, strengthening overall security.

Our management of MFA simplifies the process for you, ensuring both the safeguarding of sensitive data and compliance with data security standards. This service is a straightforward, yet effective way to maintain robust security in your IT infrastructure, providing peace of mind in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

Despite macros being powerful tools for automation and efficiency within your workflow, they can also become potential gateways for security threats, especially when used in files. To mitigate this risk, our service includes stringent control of macro execution, ensuring that your applications only run safe, authorised macros. We enforce policies that determine which macros can execute, taking into account factors like their source, content, and user permissions.

This proactive control of macro execution is not only a vital security measure but also aligns with a key control within the Essential Eight Maturity Model. By adhering to these standards, we provide robust protection against risks associated with malicious macro executions, such as malware or data breaches. Our approach ensures that your network remains secure while still benefiting from the productivity gains offered by legitimate macros.

Our website security and content filtering service protects your business from website-level threats that originate from untrustworthy websites. Risks associated with accessing such sites include malware, phishing attacks, and other malicious activities that compromise your website and network security. Content filtering controls the types of websites and content accessible through your network. This blocks potentially dangerous sites and manages internet usage within your organisation to ensure compliance with company policies. We proactively provide regular updates and adjustments to the filtering criteria to ensure that your defences meet the changing nature of threats.

We manage and report on compliance within the Microsoft 365 suite to ensure your organisation handles sensitive data correctly and aligns with regulatory requirements. From the onboarding phase, we implement crucial Microsoft 365 security controls and continue this vigilance by monitoring and reporting on your 365 tenant’s compliance status. This ongoing process includes advising on configuring Microsoft 365’s compliance features to adhere to best practice.

Our service extends to managing data governance policies, monitoring compliance risks, and generating detailed reports for internal audits and external regulatory bodies. Importantly, if a compliance control falls out of alignment, we receive alerts and swiftly remediate the issue. This ensures that your organisation not only starts compliant but remains so, continuously adhering to the necessary regulations and safeguarding your sensitive data.

Centralise credentials in a secure password management platform only accessible to authorised users. Creating and managing countless passwords often causes people to re-use basic passwords. A password manager provides strong, unique passwords for each login and stores them so people do not have to remember hundreds of passwords. With our password manager service, users can generate strong, complex passwords and securely store them, eliminating the need to remember or write them down. It also facilitates easy and secure password sharing within your team when necessary. The platform includes multi-factor authentication and encrypted storage to ensure security.

To best safeguard your organisation’s digital security, we also offer vigilant dark web monitoring. This service is crucial for alerting you if credentials linked to your organisation are detected on the dark web. By scanning for compromised sensitive information such as usernames and passwords, we ensure proactive detection. Upon identifying any breaches, we provide immediate notification, advise on necessary security actions, and assist in mitigating risks to offer an enhanced level of security and rapid response to these critical threats.

*Additional costs apply or included in Secured Managed Services – Strategic Service

Device Risk Management

Mitigate device-related risks with our device risk management service to ensure the security and integrity of your IT infrastructure.

Our EDR service offers a cutting-edge solution to solidify your cyber security standing at the endpoint level. It encompasses devices such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, as these are among the most frequently targeted in cyber attacks. We use advanced monitoring and data analysis techniques that go beyond conventional antivirus measures to detect unusual activities that could signal security threats. Upon identifying a potential threat, we quickly investigate and respond to contain and remediate issues.

To proactively monitor, detect, and respond to threats across your network, we have designed a powerful and secure MDR service. We combine modern technology with our security analysts’ expertise to offer continuous surveillance of your IT environment. Our response not only identifies threats but also locates the source of the threat to contain any potential impact.  

Leveraging MDR, we enhance our incident response capabilities to ensure quick recovery and minimal damage from security breaches or attacks. The process incorporates immediate identification and containment of threats, followed by swift eradication and recovery efforts. Through MDR, we conduct a thorough analysis to understand the root cause of incidents, enabling us to implement proactive measures to prevent future occurrences.

We uncover and address vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure by continuously scanning your systems, network, and applications. Our service leverages up-to-date technology to constantly monitor your infrastructure for potential weaknesses. When we detect a vulnerability, our team alters you and provides guidance on effective remediation strategies. This service provides you with a proactive defence strategy to ensure your organisation remains secure and safe from potential threats caused by vulnerabilities.

Application whitelisting ensures that only pre-approved, trusted applications can execute on your systems. It reduces the risk of malicious software and rogue executables to maintain operational integrity. Our team works closely with you to determine which applications are essential for your business operations and set up controls accordingly.

Our zero-trust service eliminates implicit trust and continuously verifies every access request, regardless of where it originates. Our service implements strict user authentication, enforces least-privilege access, and uses micro-segmentation to secure sensitive data and services. Applying this comprehensive and holistic approach to your network can significantly reduce the attack surface and protect against external and internal threats.

*Additional add-on per user

Our backup service protects PCs from data loss, corruption and cyber threats through regular, immutable backups stored offsite. Once we back up your data, it cannot be altered or deleted, providing a necessary safeguard against ransomware and other malicious attacks that attempt to compromise data integrity. Immutable backups maintain a reliable historical record of your data, ensuring that, in any eventuality, you have access to an unaltered, recoverable version of your information. 

*Additional add-on per PC host

Information and Infrastructure Protection

Our comprehensive solutions ensure data integrity, secure device management, and proactive threat response, bolstered by resilient backup and email security measures.

Proactive policies for USB device usage to ensure people can only use authorised devices within your network. Our service monitors and logs all USB activity to provide visibility into how these devices are used and by whom. This level of control prevents data leakage, unauthorised access, and the introduction of malware from potentially compromised devices. Simultaneously, our service still allows the flexibility and convenience these devices offer when used responsibly.

We ensure regular, secure backups of your Microsoft 365 data including services such as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft 365 Groups, Public Folders, and more. This support can also be extended to encompass Project Online, Planner, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps, with further options available for Power Platform, Dynamics, and Salesforce backup. Stored securely in an offsite location, our approach safeguards against data loss from accidental deletions, malicious attacks, or service outages while ensuring compliance with data retention policies.

Furthermore, our backup service enhances user autonomy by enabling self-service restore capabilities directly through a Teams chatbot. This ensures that your critical cloud data is not only backed up securely but also readily accessible for quick restoration whenever needed, to provide you with peace of mind.

Email is one of the most common vectors for cyber threats, including phishing, malware, and spam. Using advanced filtering capabilities, we screen incoming and outgoing emails to detect and block threats before they reach your network. This service not only identifies and quarantines suspicious content but also includes daily quarantine emails for user review, real-time link checking, and the scanning & blocking of malicious attachments. Our approach reduces the risk of email-based attacks and ensures your team’s inboxes remain clutter-free, containing only legitimate correspondence.

Our service automatically stores emails in a dedicated, tamper-proof repository to ensure immutability. Once archived, emails are secure against any alterations or deletions. This level of security is critical for maintaining the integrity and authenticity of email records, meeting compliance, legal, and security needs. Organisations in regulated industries or those requiring accurate legal records find this feature indispensable.

We automatically retain each piece of data securely for as long as necessary, aiding compliance efforts. The service’s indexed archive boosts the efficiency of audit and discovery tasks. It offers advanced search and tagging capabilities that drastically reduce the time and effort needed to respond to discovery requests. Users also benefit from easy access to their archived data on any device, anywhere they work.

*Additional costs apply or included in Secured Managed Services – Strategic Service

Cyber Security Advice and Compliance

Enhance cyber security preparedness with personalised guidance and holistic compliance recommendations tailored to your business.

Our team is composed of professionals who have earned certifications in cybersecurity risk management, making them well-equipped to tackle the complex cyber threats that modern organisations face. Their expertise is grounded in rigorous training and up-to-date certifications, enabling us to offer comprehensive risk management strategies. From conducting detailed risk assessments to crafting tailored security policies and deploying protective measures, our approach is all-encompassing.

Benefit from our proactive cybersecurity strategy through comprehensive security assessments. This includes an annual cyber risk assessment, crucial for maintaining an up-to-date security posture. Tailored to your organisation, these assessments proactively address changes in your environment, updates to frameworks, and the need for periodic security policy reviews.

Our expert team conducts thorough examinations of your network, systems, applications and policies. By aligning with best practice frameworks, we identify vulnerabilities across key areas such as network security, data protection and access controls, and help foster employee cybersecurity awareness. The insights gained enable us to craft plans that enhance your defences against evolving cyber threats, ensuring your cybersecurity measures remain both robust and adaptable.

Cyber incidents can create significant repercussions for unprepared businesses. We develop robust cyber incident response plans tailored to your organisation.. The plan outlines clear protocols and steps to be taken in the event of a data breach to minimise potential damage and support a quick recovery. We cover breach identification, containment strategies, communication guidelines, and remediation processes. 

Our offering aligns your cybersecurity measures with cyber risk insurance requirements to ensure your organisation is prepared for emerging threats. We place a strong emphasis on proactive management of your cyber risk insurance policies. This also includes assisting with technical questions for policy renewals and new policies to ensure accuracy and avoid misinformation. Our team also recommends security improvements that aim to lower your insurance costs.

In coordinating with your insurance provider, we facilitate a swift response to any cybersecurity incident. This approach minimises risk exposure and supports proactive incident management by blending our cybersecurity expertise with strategic insurance insights.

Delivering SOC2 compliance, our operations centre upholds rigorous standards for security, availability, and integrity 24/7. Staffed with security professionals skilled in promptly identifying, analysing, and mitigating cybersecurity threats, we leverage advanced technologies for proactive defence. This enables continuous protection against sophisticated attacks to enhance your organisation’s security posture, achieved through vigilant monitoring and rapid response, while maintaining the utmost confidentiality and privacy.

Our incident response service is designed to offer swift initial response and assistance with containment, enhancing the capabilities of the SOC with our dedicated expertise. This includes providing a single point of contact within RODIN to coordinate all response efforts and offer guidance on critical decisions. Our team assists in determining the appropriate times to notify your cyber insurer, report incidents to authorities, or identify if an incident constitutes a notifiable data breach. By combining immediate action with strategic advice, we ensure a comprehensive approach to managing and mitigating security breaches or attacks.

Ongoing Reporting and Management

Step into a new era of IT enablement, where a live customer portal keeps your entire team informed, monthly health insights offer strategic guidance, and empowering technology enablement sessions are backed by robust asset reports and documentation.

Our live customer portal enhances communication by providing IT contacts and all staff with direct access to their service tickets and the ability to log new requests. This central hub offers real-time updates and personal ticket details in an intuitively designed environment. It simplifies the process for everyone from the technical team to other staff members and stakeholders. The portal ensures clear communication and effective collaboration by presenting a comprehensive view of service-related activities.

At the end of each month, we deliver a comprehensive report that covers various aspects of your systems, including performance metrics, system health, and any potential issues identified during the period. Alongside these monthly reports, we also provide dashboards that offer up-to-date information, ensuring you have continuous insights into the operational status of your IT environment. This proactive approach, combining monthly health checks with real-time status dashboards, allows you to gain valuable insights. Our reports and dashboards are informative and actionable, highlighting areas that may require attention or improvement. By receiving these monthly updates and having access to current data, you can make informed decisions about your IT strategy and align it with your business objectives.

Our comprehensive asset reporting and warranty alert solution provides you with detailed reports on all your IT assets, including their current status, performance, and warranty information. With a focus on keeping you informed, we ensure that you’re always aware of the lifecycle stages of your assets, from initial deployment to end-of-life. Our service includes timely alerts for warranties nearing expiration and notifications for assets approaching end-of-life. This proactive monitoring allows for effective planning and budgeting for replacements or upgrades to sustain a modern and secure IT infrastructure. The asset reports also offer valuable insights into the utilisation and performance of your assets, aiding in decision-making and strategic IT planning.

We prioritise comprehensive IT documentation from the start, ensuring our team has all necessary details to support yours efficiently, avoiding repetitive queries. Our documentation spans SOPs, system configurations, and user policies, forming a key resource for smooth daily operations and new staff onboarding.

Our SOPs demonstrate our MSP maturity, promoting consistent service and adherence to our commitments. By sharing these procedures, we showcase our dedication to best practices and support your compliance needs, streamlining operations and enhancing issue resolution.

Delivering efficient and consistent service is at the core of our approach, thanks to our well-documented standard operating environment (SOE) and procedures. This foundation ensures that every aspect of our service delivery adheres to change management protocols and aligns with industry best practices. Our commitment to detailed documentation not only streamlines our operations but also offers our customers transparency and aids in their compliance efforts.

Customers have access to these procedures, allowing for insights into our methods and the ability to tailor services to their specific needs. This approach guarantees a level of service that is both high-quality and adaptable, meeting diverse operational requirements with precision and reliability.

We recognise that effective decision-making in managing your IT infrastructure hinges on having the right information at the right time. To facilitate this, our customised reporting and dashboards are designed to not only provide clear and actionable insights but also enhance visibility into your IT operations.

Developing bespoke reporting solutions, we ensure a precise view of your IT performance, health, and other critical metrics. These tools are customised to your specific requirements, guaranteeing that the data presented is not only relevant but also offers the visibility necessary for aligning with your business strategy. This approach enables you to make informed decisions with a clear understanding of how your IT environment is performing and impacting your overall business objectives.

*Additional costs apply or included in Secured Managed Services – Strategic Service

Server Protection

Our comprehensive server protection safeguards your critical infrastructure, ensuring data integrity, secure device management, and proactive threat response, bolstered by resilient backup and email security measures.

Our Server Host EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) & MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services offer an advanced layer of security for your server infrastructure. This service combines the proactive monitoring and threat detection capabilities of EDR with the strategic oversight and response management of MDR. EDR provides real-time monitoring and response to threats at the server level while MDR brings an additional layer of management, with continuous oversight and strategic responses to identified threats. These services constantly monitor servers for potential security issues and mitigate any identified risks.

We securely store immutable copies of your server data offsite. This approach protects against ransomware attacks and other forms of data manipulation. Immutable backups provide a fail-safe in your data protection strategy, ensuring that you always have an untouched, retrievable copy of your data in case of a disaster, system failure, or cyber attack.

We validate the effectiveness of your backup systems through regular testing to ensure quick and accurate restoration if needed. This proactive approach identifies issues in your disaster recovery process, allowing for adjustments and improvements before an actual disaster occurs. By simulating various scenarios, we assess how your backup systems will perform under different conditions and prepare your organisation for any eventuality. 


We uncover and address vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure by continuously scanning your systems, network, and applications. Our service leverages up-to-date technology to constantly monitor your infrastructure for potential weaknesses. When we detect a vulnerability, our team alters you and provides guidance on effective remediation strategies. This service provides you with a proactive defence strategy to ensure your organisation remains secure and safe from potential threats caused by vulnerabilities.

Application whitelisting ensures that only pre-approved, trusted applications can execute on your systems. It reduces the risk of malicious software and rogue executables to maintain operational integrity. Our team works closely with you to determine which applications are essential for your business operations and set up controls accordingly.

Outcomes we deliver

With RODIN at the helm of your IT operations, the outcomes are multifaceted, reaching every corner of your business. Across the board, RODIN ensures that every stakeholder benefits from technology that not only serves but excels.

Optimising operations through technology for efficiency, agility, and robust performance.

Financial control and innovation through IT solutions for strategic profitability.

Financial control and innovation through IT solutions for strategic profitability.

Elevating HR functions through streamlined processes and empowered employee engagement.

Optimising operations through technology for efficiency, agility, and robust performance.

Optimising operations through technology for efficiency, agility, and robust performance.

Securing long-term business value through strategic oversight, risk mitigation, and tech innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Secured Managed IT Services is a holistic approach to handling, monitoring, and maintaining your business’s IT needs. With RODIN, you receive not just technical support, but a tailored strategy that ensures your IT infrastructure is both secure and optimised for your business operations.

With over 30 years of experience, RODIN is deeply entrenched in the Australian business landscape. Our emphasis is on crafting bespoke IT solutions, understanding that one size does not fit all. Our commitment ensures customers are never held back, combining top-tier expertise with a personal touch.

Absolutely! Our services are designed to be adaptable. As your business evolves, RODIN can adjust and expand the IT services offered, ensuring you’re always equipped with the best tools for your current and future challenges.

While we have vast experience across various sectors, our primary focus is supporting small to medium-sized businesses across Australia. Regardless of your industry, our goal is to provide IT solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Data security is paramount at RODIN. Our Information & Infrastructure Protection and Cyber Security Advice & Compliance sub-services focus on safeguarding your data, ensuring compliance with the latest cybersecurity standards, and providing proactive measures against potential threats.

Yes, our Ongoing Reporting and Management sub-service ensures that you’re consistently in the loop with the status of your IT operations. Regular insights are provided to help refine strategies and maintain an edge in your business tech.