Power up your business with automation: Top 3 use cases for business efficiency


Harnessing automation, combined with the power of data is crucial for driving informed decision-making, streamlining operations, and staying competitive in an increasingly complex business environment. Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of tools designed to help organisations build custom applications, automate workflows, and analyse data to gain valuable insights. Power Platform offers businesses the ability to build automations quickly, at a low cost and by leveraging the Microsoft 365 platform you already use.

Join us for our upcoming webinar ‘Power up your business with automation: Top 3 use cases for business efficiency‘ to view a hands-on showcase of the top three Power Platform use cases that can help your business reduce errors, improve efficiency, and build and customise workflows to automate repetitive tasks.

Key takeaways

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Picture of Oli Norton

Oli Norton

Automation Engineer, RODIN

Oliver is a passionate technical professional who helps customers optimise their experience with Microsoft Power Platform. With a keen eye for detail and enjoyment of new technologies, Oliver creates innovative solutions for internal systems. Taking pride in his work, Oliver is a great asset to the RODIN team and is committed to continuous improvement for both himself and those around him.improvement.

Picture of Lee Hodgson

Lee Hodgson

Head of Business Development, RODIN

Helping businesses and other organisations get the most from their I.T. systems and business technology, Lee is passionate about business technology and how processes can improve productivity, minimise risk, reduce costs and even provide a competitive edge. Lee and his team of professionals provide excellent technology sales consultancy, taking the time and effort to understand the processes and challenges within an organisation to make informed recommendations.