Microsoft Copilot & AI: Navigating Business Readiness and Opportunities


As the rapid rise of generative AI transforms our workflows, businesses are finding revolutionary ways to turn routine tasks into opportunities for growth and efficiency. However, the real challenge lies in recognising and utilising the advanced capabilities of tools such as Microsoft Copilot, to truly foster enhanced decision-making, continued innovation, and develop competitive advantages in a secure and responsible manner.

Join Brendan Welch from RODIN and Philip Meyer from Microsoft as they unveil the full spectrum of AI’s influence on business processes, spotlighting how such groundbreaking tools can not only streamline daily operations but also empower businesses to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Dive into a detailed exploration of how integrating advanced AI technologies can reshape your business model, ensuring that your approach to AI adoption is both responsible and aligned with cutting-edge industry standards.

Key takeaways

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Picture of Brendan Welch

Brendan Welch

Chief Information Officer, RODIN

At RODIN, Brendan has consistently demonstrated his expertise in aligning technology with business needs. With a keen sense for practical application, he champions tools and strategies that drive efficiency and impact. His approach is anchored in understanding the challenges organisations face, and in offering tech solutions that are both accessible and transformative. For those seeking insights in the evolving tech landscape and its potential to reshape businesses, Brendan’s depth of experience and innovative mindset make him a trusted and authoritative voice.

Picture of Philip Meyer

Philip Meyer

Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Philip stands at the nexus of technology and strategy, having devoted over three decades to Microsoft. As a Partner Technology Strategist, he's been at the forefront, helping service providers architect secure, scalable, and hybrid solutions grounded in Microsoft technologies. His extensive expertise encompasses software development, program management, go-to-market strategies, and partner enablement. Philip's dedication to innovation and partner success has made him an integral figure in the tech world, always adapting to the evolving digital landscape.