Incident Response: What Happens When You Have a Cyber Breach?


Navigating the evolving landscape of cyber threats is a critical, yet ongoing mission for businesses. As these threats become more sophisticated, the distinction between being unprepared and ready can significantly impact everything from daily operations to an organisation’s long-term reputation and financial health. This backdrop underscores the urgency of gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities involved when a cyber incident unfolds.

Join RODIN for an insightful webinar that offers comprehensive insight into the intricacies of cyber incident management. Leveraging our extensive experience and insights from real-world scenarios, our experts will guide you through the unseen challenges and decisive moments that define effective incident response. This session is designed to equip you with an insider’s perspective, showcasing the strategic and proactive measures necessary for navigating the aftermath of a breach.

Key takeaways

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Picture of Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown

Head of Technical Services, RODIN

Leading the technical services at RODIN, Ashley blends comprehensive technical knowledge with a strategic approach to IT management. His commitment to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction is evident in his leadership style, driving initiatives that enhance both the resilience and reliability of IT systems. Ashley’s expertise in managing complex IT projects and his insight into effective incident response strategies underscore his key role in equipping businesses to face cyber challenges confidently.

Picture of Aaron Jacobs

Aaron Jacobs

Senior Global Sales Engineer - Managed Detection and Response, Sophos

With over two decades of experience in the IT industry, Aaron has honed his skills in cybersecurity and business strategy improvement. At Sophos, his expertise in front-line incident response and managed detection is instrumental in developing sophisticated cyber defence strategies. Aaron’s dedication to transforming cyber threats into opportunities for enhanced business resilience is evident in his approach to incident response planning.

Picture of Brendan Welch

Brendan Welch

Chief Information Officer, RODIN

At RODIN, Brendan has consistently demonstrated his expertise in aligning technology with business needs. With a keen sense for practical application, he champions tools and strategies that drive efficiency and impact. His approach is anchored in understanding the challenges organisations face, and in offering tech solutions that are both accessible and transformative. For those seeking insights in the evolving tech landscape and its potential to reshape businesses, Brendan’s depth of experience and innovative mindset make him a trusted and authoritative voice.