Cyber Insurance Insights: Risks, Strategies, and Optimisation


Challenges in the Australian SMB cyber landscape, including sophisticated hacking techniques, widespread ransomware attacks, and complex regulatory adherence, are increasingly prevalent. To tackle these issues, businesses need targeted strategies and cyber insurance integration. This approach not only safeguards against threats but also ensures ongoing resilience, aligning with Australia’s unique business environment. 

Join Aaron Bugal from Sophos and Lee Hodgson from Rodin for an insightful webinar where they’ll explore cyber challenges, strategies, and the role of insurance, featuring a customer case study. Enhance your understanding and resilience. 

Key takeaways

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Picture of Aaron Bugal

Aaron Bugal

Chief Technology Officer, SOPHOS

With almost two decades at Sophos, Aaron Bugal began as a Senior Sales Engineer in 2006, now Field Chief Technology Officer since early 2023. Assisting Sophos customers across Asia Pacific and Japan, he facilitates effective deployment of next-gen cybersecurity solutions and cybersecurity-as-a-service adoption. Aaron adeptly communicates current cybersecurity threats and defenses, making him a sought-after commentator and speaker, advising business leaders, security experts, and journalists on cutting-edge technologies and tactics for organisational security.

Picture of Lee Hodgson

Lee Hodgson

Head of Business Development, RODIN

Helping businesses and other organisations get the most from their IT systems and business technology, Lee is passionate about business technology and how processes can improve productivity, minimise risk, reduce costs and even provide a competitive edge. Lee and his team of professionals provide excellent technology sales consultancy, taking the time and effort to understand the processes and challenges within an organisation to make informed recommendations.