Sophos 2024 Threat Report

Sophisticated Cybercrime Networks: Rising Threats for 2024

2024 has marked another challenging year in IT security, with the threat landscape continuing to evolve in concerning ways. The most notable development has been the persistent growth and sophistication of the cybercriminal economy.

As the cybercriminal ecosystem matures, it increasingly resembles a formal industry, complete with a network of supporting services and professionalised operational approaches. This industrialisation of cybercrime sees groups specialising in various aspects of their malicious operations, particularly in ransomware, aiming to exploit vulnerabilities with devastating efficiency.

Our partner, Sophos, has released its 2024 Threat Report, which provides an insightful snapshot of the current threat landscape and examines the emerging trends in cybercrime.

In this report, you’ll learn about:

  • Data as the Prime Target
  • Ransomware Trends
  • Cybercrime as a Service
  • New Delivery Methods
  • Dual-Use Tools
  • Social Engineering Tactics
  • Mobile Malware

Download the 2024 Sophos Threat Report now to stay informed about the latest cyber security threats and to understand the strategies needed to defend your data.