Xelion Cloud Telephony

Unify Your Business Communication:
One Platform, Infinite Possibilities.

RODIN proudly introduces Xelion - the pinnacle of integrated business communication

Communication stands central to thriving businesses, seamlessly bridging gaps between teams, clients, and partners. The advent of myriad communication platforms, however, often creates more chaos than clarity. Xelion’s solution tackles this predicament head-on, simplifying and organising all communications on a single, easily accessible platform. With its extensive suite of features and integration capabilities for desktops, mobiles, and calendars, Xelion is the embodiment of efficient business communication. RODIN proudly introduces Xelion – the pinnacle of integrated business communication.

Discover a Suite of Features Tailored for Modern Business

From softphones to instant messaging, Xelion offers a gamut of features tailored to the modern business environment. Each sub-service is meticulously designed to cater to varied communication needs:


Achieve seamless connectivity and collaboration with Xelion's softphone, mobile app and compatible handsets.

Single User Licence

Embrace transparency with a user licence model, devoid of hidden costs or surprise add-ons.


Fortify your data against breaches or attacks with reliable and secure hosting provided by AWS.

Advanced Call Handling

With features such as call queueing, auto attendants and more, Xelion optimises call routing to connect every call to its ideal recipient promptly.

Global Address Book

Navigate your contacts effortlessly by syncing Outlook and Xelion address book contacts, enhancing client and team interactions.

Wall Boards

Stay updated with real-time team insights, individual statistics, comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Streamline Your Workflow with Seamless Integrations

Custom Integrations

Xelion is designed with flexibility in mind to seamlessly align with your unique business needs. The platform supports custom integrations tailored to specific requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and coherence.

In addition, as part of its commitment to advancement and innovation, Xelion is continuously enhancing its capabilities, paving the way for even more refined and personalised integration solutions in the near future.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Experience streamlined business processes with Xelion’s Microsoft 365 integration. Effortlessly sync your calendars, contacts, and more to ensure uninterrupted communication flow. As the digital workspace evolves, our commitment to comprehensive integration deepens.

With upcoming features, including single sign-on and Azure AD, Xelion ensures your business tools work in harmony, delivering efficiency, consistency, and unmatched user convenience.

Reimagine seamless communication tailored to your business needs. Experience the unmatched benefits of Xelion. Request a complimentary consultation with our expert consultants today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Xelion softphone is a software application that enables voice calls over the internet using computers or other devices, eliminating the need for dedicated phone hardware. As part of the Xelion platform, this softphone ensures constant connectivity, providing users with the flexibility to manage their business communications seamlessly, fostering team collaboration, and ensuring prompt business responses.

The Xelion softphone directly enhances team communication by offering flexibility and convenience. It allows team members to connect and collaborate from anywhere, ensuring constant communication. This adaptability ensures that remote and on-site members remain in sync, facilitating swift responses to business needs and fostering more effective collaborations.

Integrating applications with Xelion streamlines communication by consolidating various methods into a unified platform. This enhances productivity as users can operate seamlessly without toggling between multiple applications. It ensures data consistency across platforms, improves accessibility for remote and on-the-go work, and offers a cost-efficient solution by reducing the maintenance of separate systems.

By linking Xelion with your Microsoft 365 account, you benefit from a synchronised workspace that consolidates calendars and contacts. Moreover, Xelion’s integration with Microsoft Teams enables direct calling capabilities. This cohesive approach streamlines user experiences, enhancing overall productivity..

Xelion’s pricing structure is transparent. The user licence encompasses all features without any surprise costs, making it simpler and more predictable for businesses. RODIN also provides competitive pricing to those who are looking to upgrade their business communications with Xelion.

Absolutely! Xelion is designed for flexibility, compatible with a diverse range of devices from traditional IP Deskphones to modern mobile applications, catering to your dynamic business needs.

Elevate communication across devices and platforms, enhancing business efficiency.