Will your landline work after September 30th?

Telephone - Desk

Important changes are coming at the end of the month to phone services in Australia.

What’s your telephony based upon?

ISDN is the primary basis for most telephony (voice and fax) services in Australia, however with the roll out of the NBN this is being disconnected in the Illawarra region from the 30th of September.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if your telephony services are based upon ISDN, you’ll need to start looking for alternatives, and assessing whether your network is ready for the transition.

Considerations include:

  • Phone system compatibility
  • Network bandwidth
  • Firewall and cyber security services
  • SIP provider

Contact the RODIN team today for a consultation to ensure your phone system is compatible for the network changes, and you’re not left disconnected.

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