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How upgrading to cloud telephony help your business to improve customer service

Cloud Telephony involves retiring the traditional telephone system based at your office and connecting your handsets and devices to a service hosted for you. Your phones, calls and numbers all work the same way, but you no longer need to purchase and maintain proprietary equipment at your office and you can access the service from virtually anywhere.

The usual justification for upgrading to hosted telephony is to reduce cost, through eliminating the phone system equipment and through more competitive call charges.

But there is a far more attractive feature of hosted telephony for small business – to improve customer service.

This can be achieved in several ways –

  • Flexibility – cloud telephony can be extended to wherever workers happen to be, and to whatever device they choose to use. Workers across multiple offices, working with desk phones, smartphone devices, or just a tablet or notebook, can connect and access the telephone system as if all staff were working within one office. The ability to reach the required person, wherever they are, reduces time wasted playing “phone tag” and leaving messages.
  • Presence – all users of cloud telephony can be provided with live information about the location and availability of other workers. This can dramatically reduce hold times for customers, and eliminate calls being transferred to people who are not at their desk or not available.
  • Call distribution – cloud telephony allows calls to be sent to whatever offices and extensions you choose, so that you can reduce the time calls are answered in and more easily cover staff lunchtimes and breaks. In some cases duplication of roles across offices can be reduced at the same time.
  • Integration – the information held in your customer database and other systems can be connected with your cloud telephony system so that when customers call their information is at your fingertips. Accessing current information allows you to answer queries quickly and assist the customer on their first call, without needing to take details and call them back.

When we make a phone call to a company we all hate to be put on hold and transferred multiple times, and we appreciate when we are able to have our enquiry handled quickly and efficiently.

Our customers are no different, and a Cloud Telephony service can us to improve customer service, and save money in the process.

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