Understanding the value of managed services

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Most small businesses would not be able to justify a full time IT manager, let alone an entire team of experts to manage their internal IT systems.

In many cases, an outsourcing arrangement offers a compelling alternative, providing your business with the expertise and services you need without the expense of full time staff. The popular term for this type of arrangement is “managed services’.

So, how do you understand the value of a managed IT services to your business?

  • Convenience – your provider will be dedicated to helping you to avoid or solve problems. All you should have to do is make them aware of the problem and follow their guidance and advice.
  • Consistency – full time staff take holidays, suffer illness, change jobs, and for any number of reasons cannot offer the consistent availability and support of a team dedicated to looking after your business.
  • Affordability – through scale and efficiency your provider should be able to manage and support your systems for far less than the cost of full time staff.
  • One point of contact – in most cases your provider will be able to relieve you having to deal with multiple parties to resolve a problem. Instead you would only need to contact them, and they would engage with other parties on your behalf as needed.

We have offered managed services to our customers for well over a decade, and we have seen first hand the tremendous value our customers have obtained from our services.

Want to learn how your business could benefit? Give us a call.

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