The Value Of Using A Managed Service Provider

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Using a Managed Service Provider (or MSP) is the act of outsourcing daily IT management responsibilities and projects in order to improve operations and reduce costs. A MSP bears the responsibility of monitoring, managing and solving problems related to your business IT systems and functions.

Today the business challenges of customers, technology and process management are the major challenges faced by many organizations both small and large. Using a MSP like RODIN is the best way to balance your business needs at a reasonable price while still optimizing your staff to focus on more important projects.

Below are just some of the benefits of outsourcing to a managed service provider.

Faster Response Time

How many times have you heard people complaining about the IT guy? Not being able to find him, he is always busy, etc. When using an MSP, you have an entire IT department at your fingertips with the specialized tools needed to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. Their primary objective is to manage and maintain your IT systems, therefore 100% of their time is dedicated to resolving issues in the shortest possible time. Chances are whatever problem you are facing, they have seen before and can get the issue resolved much quicker than an internal resource with limited exposure.

Cost Savings

This is believed to be the most important benefit of using a managed service provider for small and medium businesses. Employing experienced IT personnel to handle the extra workload of IT maintenance will be more expensive than outsourcing to a MSP. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sick leave, holidays, superannuation and other costs that come with internal staff. Negotiating a monthly contract that includes all technical support allows you to budget for your IT spend in advance.

Enhanced Security Measures

Your MSP should be aware of security best practices and perform regular scans of your systems to ensure you are protected against the latest threats. They are responsible for keeping up to date with the on-going development in on-line security and provide advice when new methods to secure your business are available.

Access to Experts

Outsourcing to an MSP will provide you with access to experts in the field you need without having to employ or search for vendors in this area. Make the hassle of worrying about qualified, reliable staff your MSP’s problem. They are responsible for the constant training and certification needed in the spider-web that is I.T. and you get the benefits of having these staff available when you need.

Optimizing Productivity and Performance

Allow your internal team to focus on strategic initiatives, rather than being bogged down with how to resolve system issues by letting your MSP deal with day to day maintenance and management of your system. Your MSP will have expensive tools to deal with ongoing items that need to be addressed, meaning you do not need to invest in similar tools, or waste employees time getting these tasks done internally. By allowing them to handle these tasks and keep your systems up to date and issues addressed before they cause system outages, you will eliminate any significant downtime and can rest easy knowing it is under control.

All in all, the role of a Managed Service Provider is to take the time required stress away from dealing with IT systems allowing you to manage your business the way you intended. Get back to generating more business just like you had planned!

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