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Office 365 is the fastest growing business in Microsoft’s history. We are migrating many of our clients to this platform for many different reasons and the more we do this, the more we find out how much people love Skype For Business.

At first glance you may think, why would I need to make face to face calls at work. Sure, that is one aspect of the product, but when you dig deeper and pay attention to the other features, you can really start to see how this tool could work in your business.

Instant Messaging, Online Status, Document Collaboration and Online Meetings are all just some of the features that can boost productivity in the work place. There are Skype For Business Apps for almost any mobile device including iOS and Android devices, you know your staff can get in touch with each other whenever they need.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  • We have all been there before. An email conversation between colleagues that spirals out of control. 30 emails deep and your inbox is cluttered with different parts of the conversation from different people only to have one key member stop replying and you suddenly begin to wonder if they are looking anymore. You need an answer fast. Should I call them? Should I follow up with another email? Enter Skype Instant Messages and Online Status. At a glance you can see if colleagues are online or offline, how long they have been away from their computers, etc. Need a quick piece of information from Rob? Send him an Instant Message. Not sure if Anne is online? Check their Availability at a glance.

  • Do you need to run a meeting for multiple staff while people are travelling, spread across multiple offices, or just cannot get everyone in the office at the same time? Skype For Business integrates directly into Outlook allowing you to schedule a Skype For Business meeting with all staff. Their calendars will have all the information they need to join the meeting from wherever they may be located giving them access to everything that goes on in the meeting wherever they may be around the globe.

  • Have you ever been talking to a customer on the phone and needed to demonstrate something to them? Send the client a Skype For Business Meeting request and they will be able to see any information you share online in the meeting, even if they do not have Skype For Business! A URL will be sent to them allowing them to view the meeting in a browser.

As you can see, Skype For Business can help with a number of different scenarios for your team. More details can be found at the Skype For Business page here:

If you are interested in finding out how Skype For Business can help your company, we encourage you to call us today on 1300 138 761 or email us at, or simply click HERE and we will be in contact with you.

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