Running Office 365 on Windows 7?

Windows 7 - Microsoft Corporation

Whilst it may seem that we keep talking about it, we’ll continue to talk about the importance of the upcoming January 20th deadline for Windows 7, simply because the security of your device, and your network is at risk.

Microsoft has released a new notification stating that Office 365 must be run on a Windows operating system that is currently in support. What does this mean in plain English? It means that whilst you’ve made the move to Office 365, if you are running a Windows 7 machine (or older) Office 365 will not deliver new features or security updates.

What’s in a security update?

Automatic security updates, or patches as they are sometimes called, are critical to the health of your device and the wider network. The delivery of these updates is time-critical, as just as an exploit is discovered and a patch is issued, there are people looking to capitalise on this weakness. WannaCry, which was one of the biggest ransomware incidents globally, was effective due to unpatched devices which allowed it to spread virulently.

What’s in a feature update?

Feature updates is quite simply that, an introduction of a new feature that could be purely aesthetic or a new tool that changes the way you work. Recent updates have included the addition of ‘suggested locations’ in Outlook when creating meetings; being able to decide how links to Office documents open (in the browser or in the app); and the introduction of the simplified ribbon toolbar in Outlook.

Microsoft are constantly working to enhance your experience, and the only way you’d be able to access the new features or tools would be to access them via the web based versions of your apps.

There is still time to make a planned move to the Windows 10 platform before the January deadline to ensure continuity of service and security across your network. Give the team a call today.

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