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Partnership for Progress: IAP2A and RODIN

Introducing IAP2A

IAP2 Australasia, is an affiliate of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2A), the leading global public participation organisation which seeks to promote and improve the practice of community and stakeholder engagement.

As the peak body for the community and stakeholder engagement sector, IAP2 Australasia, believes that engagement, when done well, improves environmental, social and governance outcomes and increases trust in the democratic process.

IAP2 Australasia is committed to championing the world’s largest community of engagement professionals by offering leading professional development, trusted services, resources, events and advocacy across Australia and New Zealand to support practitioners, decision-makers, and public members interested in effective and meaningful public participation.

The Situation

IAP2 Australasia (IAP2A) has experienced significant growth in a short period, with the number of staff almost doubling in just over three years. This growth has brought with it new challenges, particularly in terms of managing IT and finance functions.

As IAP2A grew, their IT operations and management became increasingly complex and strained with the additional workloads and their escalating headcount relying on their IT systems. At the same time, IAP2A recognised the importance of these functions in supporting its growth trajectory.

One major challenge the organisation faced was the need for more resources to achieve its ambitious goals. With the implementation of a new CRM, the leadership team identified numerous other projects that required the support of experienced IT professionals. IAP2A recognised they lacked the in-house experience that they needed and would need to outsource a team of experts to ensure the success of these projects and deliver high-quality products to their clients. Without the necessary resources and expertise, the organisation risked falling behind their competitors in the industry. It was clear that they needed to find a partner who could provide the support required to take the organisation to the next level and help achieve their goals.

“RODIN are always thinking ahead for how to improve things. We know they’re always in the background thinking about the next steps.
They have all the procedures to monitor our systems; we know with RODIN in the background we don’t have to worry.”


RODIN took on the challenge of resolving these issues. Much like IAP2A, they ensure a consistent, thorough, and professional approach to every task and interaction. Since its inception in 1993, RODIN has established itself as an Australian expert in delivering IT transformations through world-class technology backed by experienced and trusted local support.

Delivering a strategic roadmap is crucial to ensure the success of the organisation’s digital transformation journey. For IAP2A the strategic roadmap provided a clear direction for the organisation’s IT initiatives and aligned them with their overall business objectives. Collaborating with IAP2A’s leadership team, RODIN developed a comprehensive roadmap, outlined a clear vision, defining measurable goals and prioritising initiatives based on their impact and feasibility. The roadmap was also flexible enough to accommodate changes in technology, market trends, or IAP2A’s needs, while also being concrete enough to provide a tangible plan of action.

IAP2A recognised the need for a modern, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure that could support its remote workforce effectively. After partnering with RODIN, the company was able to transform its outdated and unreliable IT system into a modern workplace built on Microsoft 365.

As part of the transition, the team rolled out laptops for all employees, which allowed for greater mobility and flexibility in their work. The move to Microsoft 365 enabled better remote working capabilities, which was particularly important given that most of the company’s staff worked remotely on a permanent basis.

Moreover, implementing a new curriculum meant a new learning management system (LMS) and integration with Salesforce, the company’s CRM. CIO as a Service was integral to the implementation team, ensuring that the new LMS was effectively integrated with Salesforce. Without RODIN’s expertise and the CIO as a Service team, the company would have faced significant challenges in managing these complex projects.

The Outcomes

IAP2A has kept pace with its growth trajectory by outsourcing its IT function. The organisation’s IT infrastructure is more secure, and the team benefits from the support and expertise of CIO as a Service and the team at RODIN. As a result, IAP2A has been able to focus on its core mission of advocating for community and stakeholder engagement.

This partnership has enabled IAP2A to benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals in these areas while freeing up internal resources to focus on other growth areas. By outsourcing to RODIN, IAP2A gains access to a range of different services, people, and skill sets, enabling their organisation to get more benefits, more people, and more skills, all while ensuring they are only paying for the services needed.

“Outsourcing to RODIN has provided a high level of support for our organisation with access to various services, people and skill sets. It’s the best thing we did.”


Implementing RODIN’s CIO as a Service has brought numerous benefits to IAP2A, with increased security, improved technology infrastructure, and enhanced support for daily operations. By outsourcing to RODIN, IAP2A has been provided with a high level of support without the cost of a full-time employee. The team can rest assured that their technology infrastructure and security are being monitored and maintained by experts in the field.

Overall, implementing CIO as a Service with RODIN has been a valuable investment for the organisation and has helped them stay on top of the constantly evolving technology landscape. Working with RODIN is an excellent way to obtain top-notch IT support without breaking the bank or going through time-sapping recruitment drives.

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