OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

OneDrive - Microsoft Corporation

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is an online file storage service designed for personal use. The files that you upload to the service are stored for you by Microsoft, in various locations around the globe, and you can download and access them from whatever location and device you choose.

Here is a quick animation showing you how the main OneDrive interface is presented.

Onedrive menu

How much can I store?

Microsoft now offers a huge amount of storage to customers, paying or not, through the OneDrive service.

If you are a consumer you can access the free tier which allows you to store 15GB of data under your OneDrive account. You can then access those files from pretty much any device, and you can share files with others.

If you are subscriber to Office 365, in one form or another, you are allowed to store a whopping 1TB of data per user. For most people that is more than they will ever need.

onedrive sign

OneDrive vs OneDrive for Business

onedrive business

If you are a business user, perhaps the most important thing to understand is that OneDrive for Business is different to OneDrive.

Microsoft has created a lot of confusion by not making the distinction between the two products clear, but they are very different in what they are designed to do, and how they operate.

OneDrive for Business is driven by SharePoint, a software platform that you are probably aware of and may already be using.

SharePoint is all about collaboration between teams, and that is exactly what OneDrive for Business aims to provide – a place for teams of people to share and collaborate using files.

OneDrive for business has undergone significant change in the last few months, and for many customers the best option right now is to wait for some key features that are still being improved to be launched.

If you want to evaluate OneDrive for Business as a platform for your team, give us a call. We can demonstrate the service to you and show you exactly how it might be of benefit in your daily operations, as well as how it might actually be less beneficial than the systems you already have in place.

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