New version of Cryptolocker – beware!

Computer virus - CryptoLocker

If you receive an email from the Office of State Revenue, check very carefully that it is valid.

The new version of the notorious Cryptolocker sends emails that are designed to trick you into thinking they are from the Office of State Revenue.

They look like the image shown below –

Fake Email

If you click on the links in the email it will take you to a false page purporting to be a payment page for the NSW Office of State Revenue, as shown below –

If you enter the code and press Download you are likely to infect your PC and expose your business network to infection.

The emails are likely to be detected and blocked by your email filters, but in the event that you receive any emails similar to those shown above we recommend that you take care to ensure they are legitimate BEFORE you click on any links or visit any pages linked to a suspect email.

If you have received an email that you feel may be a fake we recommend that you delete it immediately, and then let your IT support know so they can attempt to locate the source.

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