Mobile device management (MDM)

Surface Pro 7 - Mobile device

The dramatic growth of tablet and smart phone use in recent years prompted the development of solutions that allow those mobile devices to be managed and controlled.

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is now a mature service offering that provides a comprehensive range of controls over a fleet of mobile devices used within an organisation.

There are a number of capable MDM solutions available, and typically they would each offer –

  • Security over the information stored on the devices.
  • Protection from viruses and other threats.
  • Administrative control to limit what the devices can be used for, and what applications or software can be deployed.
  • Content control to limit the types of information and sites that can be accessed.
  • Deployment tools to automate the setup of multiple devices.

A properly deployed MDM solution can deliver significant savings, as well as peace of mind, and we have found that to be true for deployments to hundreds of devices right down to a handful of devices.

If your business uses mobile devices and you want to improve the management and control of your fleet, contact us today.

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