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A significant part of The Royce project was choosing and implementing the sophisticated technology solutions required to support staff and residents alike. These range from core service infrastructure, to Wi-Fi and networking equipment, right through to a managed print solution, voice telephony, and Nurse Call IP phones (Android-based handsets) integrated with Tulich’s Advance Care solution. Much of the project management fell squarely on the shoulders of Amanda Walker, Executive Assistant to the Director of Tulich Family Communities and Tulich Group. A veteran of several major Tulich building projects, part of Walker’s everyday mandate is recommending, overseeing and managing the IT component of Tulich’s operations, including existing and new infrastructure and telephony solutions.

Tulich Group considered a number of vendors to provide each of the solutions required for the new site. However, RODIN, who already provide managed IT services to other Tulich aged care facilities, submitted a holistic proposal which successfully wrapped up the majority of The Royce’s technology requirements into one bundle. And to further simplify and streamline delivery, RODIN’s proposal included the services of a technology/project manager to work with Walker on a day-to-day basis. “The project management was a great suggestion,” says Walker. “We needed someone we trusted to design and take ownership of the overall technology solution for a project the size of The Royce.”

New challenges, great outcomes

Walker worked closely with a building consultant to project manage construction. They spent a lot of time consulting with RODIN, to determine the right technology for their specific needs.

“The Royce is our first high-rise facility,” Walker says. “Unlike our other residences, it’s got aged care facilities and independent living units across six levels in four buildings that are joined from levels one to three. We had to think about our technology in a very different way.

“For example, our emergency call service requires uninterrupted WiFi, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Incorporating this into a six-storey building needed a lot of infrastructure around backups and always-on connectivity.” RODIN designed a total solution using their Voice product, which neatly integrated with Tulich’s Advance Care system. It hit the mark for Walker.

“RODIN’s telephony solution will future-proof our facilities,” she says. “The costs are recoverable, and it’s easy to make changes to the configuration without having to deal with a telco.

“We’ve been able to link our new Nurse Call IP phones to the system, which is fantastic. Our nurses can pull the phone system up and search the contact list, or call one another directly. I’m very impressed with how it works. The whole telephony package is very positive from my perspective. And its ease of use and ability to expand makes it ideal for our other sites, too.”
In fact, Walker is so impressed she’s already recommended that Tulich roll the whole solution out in their other aged care facilities. And several have already started upgrading their Wi-Fi in anticipation.

Projecting success

By dealing with all technology vendors directly, RODIN ensured the smooth and cohesive delivery of the technology The Royce needed. Walker particularly appreciates the part RODIN played in getting stage one of The Royce over the line successfully.

“Having RODIN provide project management worked really well for us, and I’d recommend it,” she says. “They not only managed what was to go into the building, they also assisted in negotiating and coordinating what we needed from the builders and electricians to make it happen. This made the solution implementation pretty much seamless, which is great.

“Giving RODIN the project management role allowed them to take control of the design and the outcomes. Their technical knowledge and their ownership of the project meant it flowed smoothly, and made it much easier for us to work through. There were lots of questions around ‘do we run fibre right through the whole building? do we just do it on Wi-Fi?’ Everyone has different opinions and so it was, for me, ideal that RODIN could own that decision. It resulted in a better service for us.”

Walker said RODIN never hesitates in going the extra mile. “They are very accommodating, even when something is outside their scope. They help wherever they can to ensure our systems are up and running the way we want. RODIN make it their role to resolve problems for us, even with our third-party suppliers.”

“We’ve been with RODIN for eight years now, for good reason. I can’t fault the infrastructure that they’ve put into The Royce.”

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