Is your mobile device fleet under control?

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The proliferation of mobile devices, and the growing trend of employees using personal devices at work and for work, has created a lot of headaches for business owners, and IT managers.

A growing fleet of mobile devices that are being used within a secure business network, but that are owned and controlled by individuals, presents unique challenges.

We use and recommend the Sophos suite of mobile security and control products to tackle the problem.

Our products will help you:

  • Enforce your security policies for corporate and employee-owned devices
  • Block access to company resources for non-compliant devices
  • Give your users the apps they need to do their job while blocking others
  • Provide secure mobile access to company resources
  • Stop personal devices and apps from slowing down your business
  • Protect your mobile devices from malware and other threats
  • Embrace BYOD to make your organization a more attractive place to work

We offer Sophos Mobile Control and Security products as an affordable monthly subscription where you only pay for the devices being managed.

Contact us today on 1300 138 761 or click HERE to learn more.

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