Improving the Aged Care sector with Technology

As we age, we require more support and assistance. Digital technology plays a significant and positive role in the aged-care space; it’s been adopted to the needs of older Australians to promote independent living.  

The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council’s recent report stated 14% of aged care providers use fully integrated software systems, while less than half of those use any smart home tech. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services soared – and it doesn’t look like just a trend. 

Advancements in technology can revolutionise the way you provide care for your aged patients and make it easier for you to deliver that care. 

Digital technology in aged care

Digital technology is playing an important role in aged care, creating benefits for both providers and residents. Enhanced home-based care is becoming more widely available with the help of digital tools like telehealth (monitoring health at home remotely), smart home technologies (remote access to apps like Google Home), and wearable tech (wearable devices that can monitor your health). 

Some aged care providers are also using digital therapy techniques, such as virtual reality therapy to encourage physical movement in retirement villages.  

Digital technologies such as wearables, apps, and devices can help to provide that support with data analytics that can track our health and wellness. Technology-enabled care also supports the provision of health and aged care services, which includes:

Technology-enabled care brings an effective integration of care and is a highly important part of the solution to challenges facing the aged-care sector.  


Telehealth is the act of interacting with healthcare professionals remotely; it’s a rapidly growing industry that is changing the way care is delivered in communities across Australia.

It can be done through telephone, videoconferencing, podcasting, electronic messaging, and other digital interactions. It has been proven to be successful in several cases such as chronic disease management and mental health services.

It’s also a means of avoiding the potential harm and distress for frail older people caused by travel to receive medical care.

Telehealth in the digital age focuses on four key areas:

The role of MSPs in Telehealth future

As the role of technology becomes ever more present across the healthcare and aged care sectors, it’s vital that your business’ IT infrastructure is up-to-date and able to offer all the services needed to get by in this digital age.  

Managed service providers are IT professionals who specialise in making sure your IT environment is working at its best. They will work alongside you to ensure you have the top-of-the-range technology you need to provide your patients with the care they need, hassle-free, as well as making the digital components of your job easier to navigate. 

MSPs are playing an important role in the future of telehealth. For starters, they handle the billing process for healthcare providers so that they don’t need to allocate time and resources on it. MSPs also help with handling insurance claims, which can be confusing for some doctors and nurses who may not know all the nuances of the system. 

Remote patient monitoring is easier with the assistance of an MSP so that you can stay compliant with regulations that protect patient privacy. An MSP will work with you to thoroughly understand your business and ensure your IT is functioning at its best – and is easy for all your patients to navigate the online portal. 

Find your digital healthcare partners today

The Australian population is ageing, with numbers expected to rise to 14.4% in 2060 – more than double our senior population today. With this expected increase, the technology sector is expected to evolve to care for our seniors, providing new ways to help healthcare providers continue to assist their patients. 

If your healthcare organisation is ready to adapt to the technological age and better care for your patients, contact the specialists at RODIN today. They’ll help you to successfully connect with your ageing patients. 

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