How malicious actors are using automation

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Increasingly used within businesses across all industries, automation helps minimise human input during basic and repetitive tasks.

The goal of automation is to simplify and streamline processes and tasks in your workplace. It can be used to achieve smoother workflows and increase productivity. By automating repetitive or simple tasks, people have greater time to focus on more important or in-depth duties.

However, automation is also being utilised against your business by malicious actors. Cyber criminals quickly discovered the benefits of automation to scale up their operations. It’s the road to a greater number of successful attacks in a more efficient manner.

Automation is making cyberattacks more sophisticated, and you need to be ready to protect your business.

Cyber criminals are automating their attacks

Bad actors are capitalising on various automating tools to carry out their nefarious tactics. This has led to more sophisticated, multi-vector attacks that are executed at greater speed. Automating the manual processes for viable steps of these attacks can have your security struggling to keep up.

A recent assessment by cybersecurity firm Barracuda Networks found that 54% of cyberattacks it shut down across November and December 2020 were web application assaults launched with automation tools.

Some of the most common mass automation attacks:

Bots and automated tools are helping malicious actors cast wider nets and ensnare more victims. The rapid speed at which these attacks can be performed by using automation means more and more cyberattacks are being attempted every day, finding vulnerabilities, and exploiting them.

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How automation can boost your security defences

Making automation part of your security strategy is a must; your cybersecurity team will find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer number of alerts and incident reports that need investigating.

Common tools and tasks used for cybersecurity automation:

Cybersecurity experts use automation tools like the above for 24/7 monitoring of networks. These tools can be used for:

Malicious actors are utilising every tool to break into your network; it’s time you utilised those tools to protect your data.

If you are overwhelmed with threat alerts and are finding it difficult to respond to incident reports quickly, it’s time you consider giving your cybersecurity defences a boost. Talk to the experts at RODIN about how managed cybersecurity services can benefit your business, or take their free cybersecurity assessment.

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