How can I boost staff productivity with managed services?

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For many small business owners, I.T. and technology generally, is far from the top priority in their business.

Rather, improving sales and customer satisfaction, maximising profit and efficiency, and finding time in the day to get everything done are likely to be seen as far more important.

But, what if you could boost the productivity of your business with some simple changes to how your I.T. systems are managed?

Managed services is a fairly recent term for an organised approach to managing the technology used in a business, typically delivered by a service provider. However, it is not often seen as a way to improve productivity, but that is exactly what managed IT services is designed to do!

To understand how to do this in your business let’s consider what managed services is really all about. At its core, managed services is preventative maintenance for your I.T. systems – finding and then avoiding problems before they occur. There is a lot more that a good managed services provider will be doing for you than just preventative maintenance, but that is the key objective of all managed services.

The productivity of your business depends on the ability of all staff to focus on their work, and access the information and functions they need. Managed services takes preventative measures to ensure that your staff are able to:

  • Focus on their work rather than being distracted by non-work related software, or by pauses and delays with their technology;
  • Access their information quickly, without having to wait for the system to respond;
  • Run the key software applications needed by your business with minimal downtime and optimal performance.

Managed Service Providers want your I.T. systems to be reliable and perform without issues. They will work hard behind the scenes implementing advanced systems and best practices to ensure this happens. Why? Because Managed Service contracts are typically built around fixed monthly fees. Fewer I.T. issues and downtime for you is better for the Managed Services Provider, which in turn is better for your staff productivity!

The only thing left is to ensure they do not spend all day on Facebook!

If you are interested in how Managed Services can boost staff productivity in your business, we encourage you to call us today on 1300 138 761 or email us at

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