Have you left the back door open?

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It’s official. From today, Microsoft no longer continues to support Windows 7.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re still operating Windows 7 in your environment, this means that you have open vulnerabilities within your organisation. This matters as you’ll no longer receive technical or security updates automatically from Microsoft and cyber crooks are always looking for the easiest path to a quick buck. And generally, that’s through a system back door being left open, aka an unpatched system.

Remember a ransomware varietal called WannaCry? It’s the most widely recognised varietal of ransomware, predominately as it took out the NHS in the UK, and made global news headlines back in 2017. Microsoft released a security patch two months before the first publicised attack. The scary thing? According to a recent study by Sophos, they saw FIVE MILLION infection attempts logged in a three month period in 2019, and it’s being successful in some of those attempts because people are still running an unpatched device.

Making the transition from Windows 7 through to Windows 10 doesn’t need to appear to be overwhelming. It’s about having a structured and well-implemented plan that we can build with you. There’s also a host of benefits to your business about moving to Windows 10, and the user experience it offers to your staff.

The flip side is, what’s the cost to your business of not being able to access your technology in real-time due to an attack?

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