Getting used to Windows 8

Windows 8

Get past the lock screen

windows 8

When Windows 8 starts it presents a very simple ‘lock’ screen, which looks great but does not provide a lot of hints about what you should do next.

To proceed just hit space, spin the mouse wheel, or swipe upwards on a touch screen device and you will see the regular login screen.

Basic Navigation

windows 8

The Windows 8 interface is driven by colourful tiles designed primarily for use with touch screen devices.

When using a regular PC without touch screen, use the following method for quicker navigation –

  • Spin the mouse wheel.
  • Press Home or End to jump from one end of the Start screen to the other.
  • Use the cursor keys to navigate between tiles, pressing Enter to select.
  • Press the Windows key to return to the Start screen.
  • Drag and drop tiles using the mouse to organise them.

Group Apps

windows 8

The Start screen tiles are initially ordered in a way that may not suit everyone, and it can seem difficult to locate familiar applications quickly.

The good news is that it is easy to re-arrange, group, and sort the tiles to suit your preferences, just as desktop icons and shortcuts can be managed.

Some easy options for grouping apps are –

1. You can simply click and drag tiles to move them to new locations.

2. You can move whole groups of tiles to new locations easily – simply click the ‘minus’ icon in the lower right to zoom out and then click and drag the block to where you want it to go.