Free Remote Access Tools During Lockdown

The Sandlot - Employment

With the COVID-19 threat increasing across Australia and new stay at home orders imposed on much of NSW, we wanted to remind our clients that we can assist with your work from home and remote access needs.

As we did when COVID-19 began, we are providing access to the same remote access tools we use at no cost. This will allow our clients to access their desktops securely from outside of the office on any device with a web browser, avoiding the need for VPN’s and allowing clients to be as mobile as they need to be. 

If you have not yet been able to get your systems into a modern work from anywhere state, then utilizing our software can be an easy way to get people working from home, fast. No software to install, no messy VPN configurations, just simple, secure remote access. As your Managed Service Provider, we can get this operational fast to keep your staff productive through these uncertain times.

If you need this, or know of another business that does, please contact your account manager to get started.

Stay Safe.

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