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Webb Financial was founded in 2013 as an accountancy business and has since grown its staff and offering exponentially. The company now services thousands of clients with accounting, financial planning, lending, and finance solutions.


While they enjoyed great growth, Webb Financial faced a range of issues with their IT provider, including:

Webb Financial wanted a provider who would provide them with confident service and solutions and have an IT plan in place to enable their growth. With the growth of the company, scalability, stability, and strategic planning were vital.

The Solution

Webb Financial spoke to several IT service providers and selected RODIN based on their strong local reputation and sharp, thorough proposal.

The solution included:


The transition was seamless and was supported by staff, who welcomed it with open arms. They knew that this business move was strategic and would benefit them immensely.

Webb Financial were most impressed with the enormous value for money and Strategic Business Review meetings. The service and meetings have instilled confidence that IT is supporting the business and any changes needed will be highlighted to provide Webb with a competitive edge.

Since transitioning, Webb Financial have also moved their print services to RODIN, when their contract allowed. This means they deal with one Account Manager for their IT, voice & printing services. RODIN also assisted Webb Financial with their move to newer, larger office space.

‘I am confident that the IT solutions and support that RODIN provide us with, have our best interests in mind and are aligned with our strategic direction.’

~ Andrew Webb, Founder, Webb Financial

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