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Shaping the Future of Care: RODIN’s Strategic IT Solutions for Community Gateway

Introducing Community Gateway

Not-for-profit organisation Community Gateway, has been a guiding light in providing support in the disability and aged care sectors. Known for their dedicated service, they have focused on enriching the lives of those they care for by offering essential support tailored to individual needs. As an organisation that values compassion and quality care, Community Gateway has been pivotal in offering specialised services that make a significant difference in their sector.

With a history of adapting to the evolving needs of their clients, Community Gateway’s commitment to innovation and excellence has been the cornerstone of their operations.

The Situation

As Community Gateway sought to enhance their service offerings, they identified the need for a new, technologically advanced care facility. This initiative, Gateway Life, was driven by the vision of their former CEO, serving as a bold step towards filling a critical gap in healthcare services, particularly for the elderly.

The project involved setting up an allied health services centre in Wollongong, featuring state-of-the-art electronic exercise equipment designed for aged and disability clients. The centre aimed not just to provide physical fitness solutions, but also to integrate allied health support services focused on physiotherapy for the aged. This ambitious project required sophisticated IT infrastructure to support its innovative goals, highlighting the need for a robust IT partnership.

"RODIN has been our IT partner for over 10 years. We’ve consistently relied on them for significant projects including the Gateway Life upgrade, where they assisted us with tech support, equipment, and purchases."
Community Gateway


RODIN has been a strategic IT partner for Community Gateway for over a decade, providing comprehensive IT support across various aspects of their operations. With a deep understanding of Community Gateway’s mission and the specific demands of the healthcare sector, RODIN was well-positioned to support the Gateway Life project. Their involvement was crucial in ensuring the project’s success, from the initial planning stages to the final execution. RODIN’s role included evaluating the project’s IT needs, advising on the best technological solutions, and preparing the infrastructure for the new challenges ahead. This partnership underscored RODIN’s ability to offer not just IT solutions but strategic guidance to enable Community Gateway to achieve its ambitious goals.

The Outcomes

The collaboration between RODIN and Community Gateway on the Gateway Life project led to several key achievements:

This partnership has reinforced RODIN’s reputation as an adaptable, forward-thinking IT service provider by playing a crucial role in enabling Community Gateway to deliver exceptional, technology-driven care.

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