Bring your own device (BYOD)

Bring your own device - Information security
Do you allow or encourage staff in your organisation to use their own computing equipment to access your systems?
Are staff just coming to work with their device and using it to assist with their work, without your knowledge?


The topic of BYOD (another I.T. industry acronymn we could all do without!) can provoke very different responses depending on the role of the person in their organisation.

While it may seem like a great idea to allow staff to just bring and use their own equipment, there are a lot of issues that can arise from such a policy.

For one, the security of the information held on your systems can be compromised if that information is copied onto a personal device.

Are you prepared to allow your client’s data to be stored on the personal device of one of your staff?

Another issue arises when staff wish to use their personal device for personal purposes while connected to your systems. It’s their device, but it’s connected to your systems and probably using your Internet connections, and so inappropriate use or a security breach can expose your entire system to unauthorised access.

The solution to these concerns is to have a clear strategy in place so that everyone is aware of what is permitted and what is not.

If you choose to allow staff to use personal devices in your organisation we recommend that you implement a Mobile Device Management (MBM) system to ensure that all devices connected to your systems are managed correctly.

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