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A Partnership for Success: Autopact’s journey to modernisation and reducing risk

Introducing Autopact

Autopact is a leading automotive dealership group with locations spanning Australia’s eastern seaboard; from Rockhampton in Queensland to Melbourne in Victoria.

With a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction, Autopact offers an extensive range of new and used vehicles from well-known brands. The company’s commitment to providing a superior customer experience extends to its comprehensive after-sales services, including genuine parts and accessories, servicing, and financing options.

Autopact’s success lies in its highly skilled and knowledgeable team, passionate about cars and dedicated to delivering exceptional service to all customers. Furthermore, the company is committed to giving back to the community and supporting various charitable causes, making it a socially responsible corporate entity. With a mission to be Australia’s most respected automotive company, Autopact continues to set the bar high for the industry and strives to exceed customer expectations at every turn.

The Situation

In addition to its significant physical presence, Autopact boasts a digital platform that supports its many dealerships. However, as with any rapidly expanding business, Autopact faced several challenges as it acquired new dealerships and attempted to integrate them into its existing network. One such challenge was handling multiple dealer management systems, which required extensive effort to consolidate into one network. 

Autopact faced several challenges managing its network and cyber security. The company ran different equipment and struggled to maintain patching and adequate cyber protection. Initially, they planned to consolidate servers and move to one network. However, they soon realised that managing their equipment and protecting themselves from outside threats was becoming increasingly challenging.

It was eye opening. I thought we were fairly well protected until RODIN were involved with our cybersecurity. They gave us our risk assessment report, and let's just say I didn't sleep for a few nights after I got that. With RODINs extensive patching deployed, we’re now at 95% with the latest version, so I am very happy with where we’re at now.


To future-proof their business and improve the scalability and reliability of their IT infrastructure, Autopact made the strategic decision to continue their partnership with RODIN.

When Mike Babarovich was appointed National Head of IT, he was looking to transform into a modern environment and improve Autopact’s cybersecurity posture. RODIN wasted no time and conducted thorough penetration testing and compliance reviews to identify potential weaknesses in Autopact’s security. They then worked closely with Mike to implement improvements and deliver managed IT support for their 1,200+ users.

The turning point for Autopact came when they teamed up with RODIN for a cloud migration project. With RODIN’s help, Autopact took advantage of improved cybersecurity and, they now have the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of cloud, which has greatly improved their work from anywhere capabilities.

RODIN helped Autopact to migrate from legacy on-prem infrastructure to a modern environment, ensuring that security was a top priority throughout the process. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, Autopact’s cybersecurity posture has significantly improved, with regular upkeep to enable them to meet the requirements for cyber insurance coverage.

RODIN has been a vital partner for Autopact, providing comprehensive management of its technology infrastructure, support, consultancy, and advisory services. By leveraging RODIN’s services, Autopact has been able to focus on its core business objectives, knowing that a reliable and experienced team expertly handles their technology needs.

The Outcomes

The journey towards cyber security was eye-opening for Autopact, and after deploying RODIN’s patching services, management uncovered unknown vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. RODIN deployed advanced security measures such as MDR to effectively detect, respond and recover from threats. They also focused on improving patch compliance, improving communications with 3CX cloud hosted PBX, and implementing security measures specific to the dealership environments. Autopact had over 1,200 endpoints, and managing them was no easy task, but with RODIN’s help, they achieved  95% software patching compliance.

Although Autopact inherited RODIN with the acquisition, the company decided to continue the partnership because they needed someone to handle the New South Wales side, such as managing support tickets and keeping units up and running. Autopact trusted RODIN because the team always collaborated closely with them to guarantee seamless operations.

Thanks to their continued partnership with RODIN, Autopact is well-positioned to thrive in a highly competitive industry. With RODIN’s support, Autopact has embraced innovation and efficiency and is ready to take on whatever challenges come their way.

We recently migrated to a modern workplace, and we knew that RODIN would always be there supporting us, whether it be early in the morning or late at night. They made sure we had everything running smoothly and in a timely manner. I just knew if I got stuck I could call Ashley anytime and we’d get the support we needed.

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