Customer Success Story

A Clear Vision: The Digital Transformation of Coastal Windows and Doors

Introducing Coastal Windows and Doors

Coastal Windows and Doors, a South Coast local, family-operated institution, has been transforming spaces through their high-quality window and door solutions for years. With a focus on residential domestic, commercial buildings, and high-rise projects, they have become an industry leader in providing exceptional and durable products crafted from the best materials and finishes. Their services go beyond the manufacturing process, including the installation of their products by fully trained carpenters and builders providing an end-to-end solution for their satisfied customers. This careful craftsmanship ensures that every window and door they produce is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, functionality, and design aesthetics.

Coastal Windows and Doors emphasises strong values, high standards, and a customer-first approach, mirroring the personal touch that every home deserves. The secret to their long-standing reputation in the market is the high-grade materials and finishes they employ in their product line, coupled with an unparalleled installation service.

The Situation

While Coastal Windows and Doors has been a local success story with continued growth, they faced a variety of challenges that are common in the construction and building space. As experts in their field, they lacked the in-house technical expertise when it came to their IT setup. This led to delivery delays, and their managed service provider lacked the proactive support their fast paced, customer centric operation demanded to alleviate their issues.

These challenges continued to escalate as the business grew, with new clients being frequently on-boarded, the business needed to add them into their numerous existing systems across their network which was a problematic and time-consuming process due to a lack of integration. 

As Coastal Windows and Doors continued to expand, they acknowledged the need for a robust IT system that was the right fit, supporting their growth and improving efficiency, and gaining external expertise with the capability to integrate their systems and streamline their processes.

“RODIN has been an absolute game-changer for us. Their team went above and beyond our expectations. They've masterfully executed projects, from updating all our computers to managing the entire IT transition. It's their commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of solutions that makes them truly stand out.”
Coastal Windows & Doors


Specialising in providing tailored solutions to suit specific business needs, RODIN leverages their technological expertise to help companies like Coastal Windows and Doors enhance their efficiency and improve their service delivery.

When Coastal Windows and Doors needed a robust and secure IT system to support their growing business, they turned to highly recommended RODIN. RODIN took on the challenge, conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s needs, challenges, and objectives. From the outset, RODIN impressed the team with their hands-on approach and proactive commitment to make the transition as smooth as possible. With a convoluted IT landscape, RODIN deftly navigated and restructured. 

Their most significant challenge — a chaotic IT structure — was handled strategically by RODIN. The RODIN team put forth a thorough, future-focused plan to transform Coastal’s IT infrastructure, inspiring trust and confidence about their capabilities.

RODIN showed Coastal Windows and Doors that they were a different breed of IT services provider, offering confidence and expertise in a world that had previously been disorganised and frustrating.

“Being a company not specialised in IT, we often find ourselves facing technological challenges. And every time, RODIN proves to be our lifeline. From overhauling our computer system to helping us with our new ERP and inventory system, they've always been there for us. We just tell them what we need, and they come back with effective solutions."

The Outcomes

RODIN’s involvement with Coastal Windows and Doors has been transformative. By prioritising system upgrades and strategic implementations, RODIN ignited a technological revolution within the organisation.

RODIN initiated a proactive overhaul of Coastal Windows and Doors’ hardware, replacing outdated equipment with state-of-the-art machines. This improved operational efficiency and work speed. Through equipment lifecycle management, RODIN prevented unplanned expenses and disruption from sudden device failure. With our approach to lifecycle management, RODIN maintains peak efficiency, reliability, and access to the latest technology, fostering continuous improvement for Coastal Windows and Doors.

Recognising the importance of cybersecurity, RODIN fortified Coastal Windows and Doors’ defences. They implemented a range of measures  that suited Coastal Windows and Doors, protecting them against cyber threats, including 24×7 security monitoring with the capability to detect and respond to threats.

To further streamline operations and facilitate team collaboration, RODIN guided Coastal Windows and Doors in transitioning to Microsoft 365. This comprehensive suite of productivity tools has revolutionised how the company collaborates and communicates, making it easier to onboard new team members and manage projects.

Beyond these tangible improvements, RODIN’s most significant impact has been on the operational culture of Coastal Windows and Doors. By enhancing the company’s technological capabilities and fostering an environment of trust and reliability, RODIN has allowed the team to concentrate more effectively on their core competencies.

RODIN’s commitment to continual review and strategic planning, ensures that Coastal Windows and Doors IT infrastructure remains in perfect alignment with their evolving business needs. Here at RODIN, we believe in an ongoing, adaptive approach to technology management that enables us to stay in tune with our customers’ ever-changing needs and objectives. This proactive approach ensures our IT systems not only support current operational demands but also anticipate future requirements.

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