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Password Management Best Practices Start Here.

Avoid writing passwords and login information on post-it notes around the office and sharing password via text or saving then in clear text on your phone’s notes app. MyGlue securely stores User and Company shared passwords for your staff, removing the risks associated with poor password management with a flat fee per company unlike many other platforms that are per user.

My glue allows for company shared passwords to also contain a 2FA code. Once a password and 2FA code have been configured in MyGlue all users can authenticate their login without having to track down who in the organisation is registered to receive 2FA code or have someone blindly sharing 2FA codes that are received to a mobile phone.

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With Single Sign On to MyGlue using an organisation’s Microsoft 365 account, secure access to MyGlue is provided with no additional username and password to remember. Conditional access and End-User 2FA will further secure company passwords as an active account with your Organisation is required to access company passwords.

By remembering passwords for your staff it is easier to use strong passwords and to rotate company passwords when an employee leaves ensuring there is a consistent standard of IT security across your organisation.

Easy access to all your information stored in MyGlue is from the web-app, mobile app, or on any webpages using the Chrome Extension.

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Customers can manage who has access to each password, keeping passwords on a need-to-know basis. Users can be added to groups that allow for passwords to be shared with multiple users easily and split up different departments or the permission levels based on the needs of the organisation and team.

All actions in the MyGlue system are tracked and can be audited, so with minimal effort you can find out who created, updated and viewed a password should you need to find out when a password was accessed.

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For more information or to discuss implementing MyGlue for your organisation contact your Account Manager on 1300 138 761 or