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Network Management

Unlocking more of your business potential with Managed Network Services

Managed network services can help ease the pain of supporting a complex network infrastructure and can be implemented as part of a business strategy to control and manage opex costs. They also provide an opportunity for organisations to improve the performance and reliability of their networks while connecting multiple locations or departments. With access to a reliable and automated solution that reduces downtime, your business can: 
Get your IT operating costs under control

Maximise your uptime

Enhance business performance

Increase productivity

Scale easily with network capacity planning

Track, disclose, and analyse the visibility of network data

Managed Network Services by RODIN – the difference in your business

Like any other system, your network needs to be looked after, but managing your IT infrastructure and networks is not always easy for businesses. The many different vendors, the need for integration, and the lack of a comprehensive view of your network all make managing your network very difficult, but RODIN has got you covered.  RODIN’s Managed Network Services can offer a better way for your business to tackle this task. Whether you lack the time, the team, or the expertise, we can provide you with more control over your IT infrastructure by managing it for you while at the same time giving you visibility into all aspects of it.

Get the business advantage with Managed Network Services by RODIN

Network services are becoming more and more complex, especially with the influx of cloud-based applications. With all these different devices accessing the network, it is important to have someone who can effectively manage and monitor it. At RODIN, we keep your network running smoothly by providing 24/7 monitoring and management. This means that you never have to worry about having downtime since we will always be there to make sure that your business gets the most advantage from: 

RODIN – need we say more?

For many organisations, IT has become a critical business function. It can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace. With RODIN on your side, you’ll have access to our team of experienced IT specialists who will help you with all your IT needs. We provide proactive advice and ongoing maintenance services including monitoring (24/7), security and compliance solutions, disaster recovery, system installation and implementation services, end-user support and training programs, network management services as well as Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning Services. The more an organisation relies on technology – the more it needs technology experts to keep their systems up to date with the latest innovations. RODIN’s IT specialists are waiting on standby to help you stay competitive.

Our specialist knowledge and broad industry experience ensures that the improvements we recommend are beneficial, and that every project is a success.