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Worried about getting hacked?

With RODIN’s range of Managed Cybersecurity Services, you can sleep easily again. Our specialised solutions are exactly what your business needs to combat the ever-increasing threat from online attacks. Our team are experts on next-generation cybersecurity products, so we’ve built up a range of cybersecurity packages with everything you need to defend your business from the latest cyber threats. This simplifies everything for you – instead of agonising over each and every component, you just need to choose the package that best suits your organisation’s circumstances.

At RODIN, we understand that information security isn’t just a technology issue. That’s why we combine both technical and human intelligence in our cybersecurity packages. This process enriches the threat information we process and allows us to share more accurate alerts with our customers.

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Our security offerings give you more insight and improve the day-to-day defence of your infrastructure with:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your network, systems and data.
  • Optimised incident detection and rapid incident-response times.

RODIN even has packages that help your organisation meet its compliance obligations. These cover frameworks such as:

  • The Australian Government’s Essential Eight.
  • The NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
  • ISO 27001

Why should your organisation align with these frameworks?

Each of the above are recognised standards or sets of guidelines that help organisations build cohesive and versatile cyber defences. These frameworks provide sets of policies that can be used across industries.

  • The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is the world’s most widely known and accepted cybersecurity framework.

  • The Essential Eight Maturity Model is recommended by the Australian Signals Directorate. It provides a series of mitigation strategies that help organisations improve their cybersecurity posture.

  • ISO 27001 is a certification from the International Organization for Standardization. It’s designed to function as a framework for information security management systems (ISMS), including all of the policies and processes that are relevant to the control and use of data.
NIST Cybersecurity Framework - Computer security

Get your free NIST Cybersecurity assessment!

Book your free assessment against the NIST framework. The assessment is conducted by our in house cybersecurity professionals and assesses your organisation’s security posture against NIST. Enabling your organisation to be better prepared in identifying, detecting, and responding to security risks, You will get a comprehensive assessment and easy to understand report highlighting your overall risk level and detailing prioritized risks against recognised standards and remediation recommendations.

The benefits of cybersecurity compliance

Fulfilment of legal requirements

It helps your organisation comply with the various regulations and legal requirements that it may be subject to.

Competitive advantage

Complying with these frameworks will make clients, customers and business partners see your organisation as a safe and trusted company to work with. Wouldn’t you rather give your business to a company that works hard to keep data secure?

Lower costs

Data breaches and other cyber attacks can be immensely expensive. They can disrupt operations, require your organisation to compensate those who were affected, incur legal costs and fines, and also harm your company’s reputation. While good cybersecurity does require some investment, it’s much cheaper to prevent data breaches than it is to recover from attacks.

Protect your organisation

Good cybersecurity can protect your organisation’s data, assets, and IP from hackers. It can also save you from mandatory data breach notifications.

RODIN’s Cybersecurity Packages

Massive data breaches and other cyber threats make the news every week. Your business could be next. You know just how dangerous these attacks are. You know you should be complying with the regulations and industry standards.

But everything is so complex, and you don’t even know how or where to get started.

Thankfully, RODIN’s cybersecurity packages make it easy.

We’ve done the hard work, analysed the risks, and have come up with the best protective measures. Not only can they keep your organisation safe, but they can help you meet your compliance obligations, without all of the headaches.

Each of our packages make it easy for companies to dramatically improve their cybersecurity. We offer four different options to suit a range of different circumstances and ensure that your company can find the best package for its needs:

Essential Eight

The Essential Eight package is designed to help your organisation meet the Australian Government’s Essential Eight mitigation strategies.


This is our base offering for companies that realise the importance of cybersecurity and want to begin protecting themselves.


The Resilience package takes things up a notch, providing a range of additional security features that help to defend against even more advanced threats.


This package is tailored toward organisations that need to align with ISO 27001 or the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. It includes everything from the previous two packages, as well as add-ons that help you on your compliance journey.

Secure your company now

Cyberattacks are constantly striking businesses and harming them in a wide range of ways. Start protecting your company before it’s too late with one of our security offerings. Contact us now or call us on 1300 138 761 to find out which package is right for your organisation.

Our specialist knowledge and broad industry experience ensures that the improvements we recommend are beneficial, and that every project is a success.

Get your free NIST Cybersecurity assessment!

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