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Xelion 8 Windows App

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1. Download and set up Xelion on computers

1.1 Download Xelion 8

In order to use the Xelion 8 App (softphone), it must first be installed. Open the browser and go to (1) and click on Get it for Windows (2).
If necessary, click Open (3).

Then click Install (4) and the Xelion 8 Windows app will be installed.

1.2 Start the App (softphone) and log in.

If you open the app from the start menu, you will see the login window shown here.
Log in with the details you received from your Xelion administrator and click on Log in .

1.3 Standard overview Xelion app

  1. options

  2. search bar

  3. datum

  4. photos, status

  5. communicate log

  6. start communication

  7. floor tiles

  8. floating window

1.4 Adjust status

To adjust your status you can click on your photo/status icon.
Or you click on Options → Settings → User profile.

You can click on the status in your user profile . This will open a dropdown menu with the various possible statuses.
Below is an overview of all possible statuses:




To be called


Login status


Not available

Do not disturb


Shortly absent

Absent for a long time


Do you want the app (softphone) to automatically change your status when you log in or out or do you work in the cloud with your Windows computer? Then choose login status .

1.5 Set personal message.

You can also set a personal message in the user profile . This message is visible to other Xelion users in the favorites screen and the attendance overview.

For example, you can indicate that you are on vacation, having lunch, working on a project, or another personal message.

1.6 Whether or not to allow appliances to ring

In the user profile you can easily determine under Devices whether or not they will continue to ring. Under the relevant device, check the box to enable the device to ring and uncheck it to prevent it from ringing.

1.7 Twinning the softphone with a physical device

With twinning you use a physical device (landline phone, smartphone) as an “audio device” while you use the softphone to control the call.
Twinning can be set in the settings menu. You can get here by clicking Options and then choosing Settings . Twinning is listed on the Phone tab (if it is not there, please contact your Xelion administrator). If you want to twin, check the box and select the phone you want to twin with. Please note that when you use twinning, you also transfer the calls in the softphone and not via the physical device.

1.8 Link a headset to Xelion

Xelion supports various headsets from Jabra and Sennheiser/Epos.
If the headset is connected to your PC and you have restarted the softphone, the softphone will automatically recognize your headset. Do you want to make an adjustment to the headset to be used? Then go to settings and click on the Audio tab .

1.9 Adjust ringtone

You can adjust the softphone ringtone if desired. You do this from the Audio settings tab . There a distinction is made between an internal and an external ringing tone. You can change the ringtone by clicking the pencil and then clicking Change . You can then click on an audio file of your choice to use.

Once you have selected a ringtone, you can click on the musical note to listen to the ringtone.

1.10 Adjust the Layout

Within the Windows app it is possible to adjust the layout to your personal preferences. You can adjust the layout by clicking Options and then Settings . Under the Advanced tab , you can click on Choose Grid Layout . Here you can choose the layout that suits you best. There are seven different options at the moment.

1.11 Tiles

You can fill in the so-called tiles of the app according to your own wishes. You can fill the contents of a tile by clicking the plus and then selecting what you want to see on that tile.

It is also possible to pin tiles. By clicking on the pin at the top left of the tile, a tile will be pinned so that the next time you open the app the tile will be in the same place again.
You can recognize pinned tiles by the filled pushpin above the tile on the left. You can also release this by clicking on the pin

1.12 Floating window

A window you open opens as a Floating screen by default . Which means that the screen floats on top of the other windows. You can drag this window to any of the tiles.

2. The softphone in daily use

Below is an overview of the possibilities of the softphone in daily use.

2.1 Video conference

New in Xelion 8 is videoconferencing.
You can start a new video conference by clicking Options and then Video Conference. You will now see a window with the available spaces. Here you can create a new conversation room, join a conversation, join the conversation in a web browser, invite other participants and delete conversation rooms.

2.1.1 Create a new conversation room

You can create a new conversation room by clicking on the plus add room within the Videoconference window . Then give this space a name and click Ok . This new room now appears in the Videoconference window and is ready for use.

2.1.2 Participate in a conversation

You can participate in a conversation by clicking on the arrow to the right behind the relevant conversation room in the Videoconference window.

2.1.3 Join a conversation in a web browser

You can join a conversation that opens in a web browser by clicking on the up arrow behind the appropriate conversation room in the Videoconference window

2.1.4 invite participants

You can invite additional participants by clicking on the share icon behind the relevant conversation room. Here you will be given a choice of the options below:





Invite colleague now

Colleague receives a pop-up in Xelion to participate in the conversation

Invite colleague via chat

Colleague receives a chat message with the request to participate in the conversation

Invite colleague via email

An email window opens with the colleague’s address and the link to join the conversation

Copy invitation request contacts

The link to the conversation room is copied to the clipboard within Xelion so that you can share it with contacts

Copy guest invitation request

The link to the discussion room is copied to the Windows clipboard for sharing


Participants do not need Xelion to participate in a video call, they can do this from the browser.

2.1.5 delete conversation areas

You can delete conversation rooms that are no longer needed by clicking on the trash bin for the relevant conversation room in the Videoconference window.

2.2 Start communication

You can start communicating by clicking on the icon shown on the left. This is located at the bottom left of your Xelion Softphone

A screen will then open where you can search for contacts, but where you will also see the last people you have been in contact with. At the bottom you will see a telephone dialer where you can directly choose a number to call.

2.3 Receiving a call

When you receive a call, a pop-up and a floating Xelion window opens. That window will show who is calling you and you can click answer or reject.
You can of course also record with your headset or the handset of your twinned device.

2.4 Placing a call on hold

To place a call on hold, click the pause icon in the conversation window. A play icon will then appear with the time the call is on hold.
To take the call off hold, click on the play icon.

2.5 Transferring a call

A call announced by connecting can be done in a number of ways:

  • Click on the transfer icon in the conversation window, a window will open in which you can choose who or which number you want to call. After you have called and announced that you are going to transfer someone, you will see several conversations in the black conversation window. Select the call you want to transfer and click on the transfer icon again and then choose the line to whom you want to transfer the person.

  • Set up a second call in a different way, this can be done in various ways (start communication, favorites, etc.) After you have called and announce that you are going to transfer someone, you will see several conversations in the black conversation window. Select the call you want to transfer and click on the transfer icon again and then choose the line to whom you want to transfer the person.

2.6 Set up a conference call

You can set up a conference call by calling the 1st participant and then clicking the conference icon in the black conversation window, choosing a second participant and then choosing the conference icon again in the second conversation and connecting them to the first participant.

2.7 Chat

You can start a chat conversation with a colleague by looking for a colleague (start communication, favorites, attendance list, etc.) and then clicking on the speech bubble icon. A chat window opens, in this chat window you can have a chat conversation with your colleague.
Your administrator can also create chat groups so that a group of colleagues can chat with each other.

2.8 Agenda

You can go to your calendar by clicking on options and then on My calendar . You can switch views by clicking on three underlines and choosing List view or Month view . You can also go to a specific date by clicking on three underlines and then selecting a date.

New calendar appointments can be created by clicking on free space or a date. A window will then open in which you can make a new appointment.

2.9 Communications overview

A new permanent part of the Windows app is the communication overview. Here you can see which conversations, chats and the like have taken place. If you have rights to other connections, you can also see them.

If you have rights to multiple connections, it may sometimes be necessary to click on the three horizontal dots to view the calls from that connection.

If you click on one of the contacts, a window will open showing the contact history with that contact.

2.10 Attendance list

In the attendance list you can see the status of your colleagues. You can open the attendance list by clicking on Options and then on Attendance list

The status displayed is the status that is set in the user profile.

2.11 To do list

You can open the Todo list by clicking Options and then Todo .

To add tasks, click the plus sign Add and select a contact. Then you can click in the box with the pencil to add text.

To delete tasks, right-click the contact and then click Delete .

2.12 Favorites

You can open the favorites by clicking Options and then Favorites.

You can add favorites by clicking Add .

You can sort your favorites by clicking Sort . By default, your favorites are sorted in the order in which you added them. It is also possible to sort them ascending or descending alphabetically.

2.13 Log out of the App

You can log out of the App by right-clicking on the Xelion 8 icon in the Windows taskbar and then clicking Exit .


If your status is set to “login status” you will be shown as “unavailable”.


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