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Windows 10’s Timeline

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Windows 10 has a new feature called Timeline, which keeps track of every file you opened and every web page you’ve visited through Edge browser.

How to use Windows 10’s Timeline

Follow these steps to launch and use Timeline:

  1. To launch Timeline, click the icon located next to the search box on the Taskbar, or hit Windows key + Tab key.

  2. Timeline will display a history of apps and documents you have been using across synced Windows 10 devices. Move the slider on the right to scroll through to see files or sites you opened.see all open files and browsers on window display
  1. You may also use the search box to find a particular file then click the file you want to open.

    search box to find files on virtual desktop


How to Use Windows 10’s Timeline Feature

How to Use the New Windows 10 Timeline Feature in Version 1803

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