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Microsoft Quick Assist is a tool that enables you to receive or provide assistance by allowing two people to share a computer over a remote connection. Using these tips, you will learn how to log in and use for you to have a remote session with your support or with your colleague.

How to open Quick Assist

  1. Click on Start button.
  1. Select Windows Accessories.
  1. Select Quick Assist.

Tip: you can also type Quick Assist on the search bar.

Quick Assist has two options: Get assistance and Give assistance.

  • Get assistance – this is the option that you need to select if you need assistance on your computer.
  • Give assistance – select this option if you will be helping or providing support, and it will generate a code. This code should be provided to the user to start the remote session.

How to use Get assistance

  1. Open Quick Assist, type the six-digit code under Get assistance, then click Share screen.
  1. Click Allow (make sure the name matches the person giving assistance). This will start the remote session.

How to use Give Assistance

  1. Open Quick Assist, Click on Assist another person under Give assistance.
  1. Login using your company email address.
  1. It will show the six-digit security code, then share it to the person receiving assistance.

Note: The code must be entered before the timer expires. The code is valid for 10 minutes.

Learn more about Quick Assist:

Introduction to Quick Assist

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