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Windows 10 Power modes

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In windows 10, Power Mode or Power Slider is used to adjust the performance of your system for longer and better battery life. This option gives you to quickly and intelligently trade performance of your system to achieve longer battery life.  

Windows 10 have four slider modes to trade performance for battery life. Once you set any of the Power slider mode, Windows will automatically engage all power settings behind. And also, you can customize each slider mode for both AC and DC and can also configure the power settings, and Processor Power Management options, that are engaged for each slider mode. 

To change or check the power mode

battery icon

To access or enable this Power mode, you can click on the battery icon in the taskbar at the bottom right corner.  

Once you tap the battery icon you can see the Power mode settings where you can change the Power mode.  

Drag the slider from left to right to choose the Power mode you want. You can also see the remaining battery life of the device or the performance of apps and services running on the device.  

Note: The Windows power slider is available for AMD and Intel platforms running Windows 10, build 1709 and newer builds of Windows. It is not available on devices with ARM64 processors. 

Power Modes

Windows 10 PCs have four Power Mode levels namely, Battery Saver (while on battery power), Better battery (or Recommended), Better Performance, and Best performance. Choose from one of four slider modes: 

  • Battery Saver: Helps conserve power and prolong battery life, when the system is not connected to a power source. When battery saver is on, some Windows features are disabled, throttled, or behave differently. Screen brightness is also reduced. Battery Saver is only available on DC. 
  • Better Battery: Delivers longer battery life than the default settings on previous versions of Windows. Available on both AC and DC. In some cases, users will see this mode labelled Recommended, rather than Better Battery, in their slider UI. 
  • Better Performance: Default slider mode that slightly favours performance over battery life and is appropriate for users who want to trade-off power for better performance of their apps. Available on both AC and DC. 
  • Best Performance: Favors performance over power-saving and is targeted at users who want to trade-off power for performance and responsiveness. Available on both AC and DC. 
Windows performance power slider

Note: Battery saver is not available when laptop is on AC power.  

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