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Using Sophos Connect VPN Client

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Sophos Connect is a VPN client that you can install on Windows and Macs. It allows you to connect to networks behind XG Firewall from a remote location, such as your organization’s network.

Your firewall administrator configures connection details on XG Firewall and gives you the installation package and the connection configuration file.

This guide provides information about how to use Sophos Connect.

How to establish a connection

In order to get the Sophos connect GUI to appear that you need,  right click on the icon in the taskbar and select Sophos connect to launch the application.

To establish a connection do as follows:

  1. Go to the Connections page and select a connection.

  2. Click Connect to sign in.

  3. Enter your username and password and click Sign in.
  4. Depending on the settings that your admin has set, you will be prompted for multi-factor authentication.

Your firewall administrator may have configured one of the following types of multi-factor authentication:

  • OTP – If your admin has configured One Time Password (OTP), you must enter your six-digit one time passcode on the third input box after you enter your username and password.
  • DUO Authentication – You may get one or two DUO prompts during the connection process.
  • Mixed mode 2FA – If your admin has configured mixed mode two-factor authentication (2FA), you must enter one of the following words: push, phone, SMS, or enter a DUO token.

Contact your IT administrator or firewall administrator if you aren’t sure about which options you can choose.

Sophos Connect attempts to establish the connection and authenticate you.

If you’re facing connection issues, do as follows:

  • To investigate the cause, click the Events tab or click the menu icon and select Open VPN log.

  • For help with troubleshooting, see Troubleshoot event errors and General troubleshooting.

  • You can also contact your IT administrator or firewall administrator for further assistance.

The image below shows you where to find the Events tab and Open VPN log:

The connection to the remote server is established. The image below shows a successful connection:

You will see these icons on the taskbar to identify whether your connection is successful or not:

Successful – connected icon

Unsuccessful – not connected icon

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