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Use Dictation On Your PC​

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Use dictation to convert spoken words into text anywhere on your PC with Windows 10. Dictation uses speech recognition, which is built into Windows 10, so there’s nothing you need to download and install to use it.

You will require a microphone, be that built-in with your laptop or external connected via USB or the audio jack. For more information please see Configure Microphones In Windows.

An active internet connection is also required to use dictation on your PC.

To start dictating, select a text field and press the Windows logo key  + H to open the dictation toolbar. Then say whatever’s on your mind.  To stop dictating at any time while you’re dictating, say “Stop dictation.”

If you’re using a tablet or a touchscreen, tap the microphone  button on the touch keyboard to start dictating. Tap it again to stop dictation, or say “Stop dictation.”

Dictation toolbar in Windows

Note: If you see ‘To use dictation, go to Settings and turn on online speech recognition’. Please see Configure Online Speech Recognition.

how to use dictation

To use voice for dictation Online Speech Recognition is required; be default it is not always enabled.

The following steps outline how to enable online speech recognition.

  1. Open Settings, then click Privacy.
    windows setting panel overview

  2. Click Speech and to the left, toggle the Online speech recognition to On.
    windows speech setting

  1. Go to Home > Dictate while signed into Microsoft 365 on a mic-enabled device.
    Dictation Button Home Tab

    Tip: You can use Alt + ` (backquote) to toggle the mic on and off.

  2. Wait for the Dictate button to turn on and start listening.
    Dictation button

  3. Start speaking to see text appear on the screen.

  4. Insert punctuation at any time by saying them explicitly.

  5. Fix mistakes with your keyboard without having to toggle the mic icon off.

Tip: You can also move your cursor to a new comment to dictate feedback for others.

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